NIE—Feb. 1-7, 2017—Anatomy Of A Newspaper


This Week’s Anton Lesson Plan

A community newspaper has many sections, from hard news and feature stories, to the editorial section and sports. All of the components of community newspapers hold some measure of importance, even the advertisements. This week’s lesson plan involves delving into and dissecting the local paper.

• Scan the local newspaper and select stories that you believe will become part of the “history” of your town in the coming years. Why do you think these stories are important?

• Encourage students to find stories that describe community problems and discuss how these problems affect their own lives.

• Ask each student to develop a plan to address one of the problems.

• Ask your students to scan the newspaper to find pictures and stories about community helpers. Who are these people and what do they do to help the local community?

• Discuss newspaper advertising and its effect on the consumers who see it. Find what you consider to be an effective newspaper advertisement and explain why you think it is effective.

• Search the newspaper for a person who might be considered a “hero” in the community. What types of personal or systemic obstacles did this person face and how did they react to challenges.

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