NIE—Dec. 14-20, 2016—Health


This Week’s Anton Lesson Plan

Among the topics that get regularly covered in all facets of the newspaper business are stories having to do with health and wellness. Chalk it up to the fact that living healthy lives is something that affects all people and as such, features that touch on topics having to do with this are not only widely read, but shared and disseminated. It can range from pieces that deal with government and health agency studies that reveal the benefit or detriment of a certain kind of food and recalls of defective consumer products to medical advancements in the areas of pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures.

The following are exercises students can do to get experience the different facets of health and science that wind up making up the content of a newspaper.

• Keep a collection of newspaper articles that discuss a local health problem. Determine the most significant health problems for your community.

• Design a newspaper advertisement for a health care agency to run in your local newspaper.

• Have your students keep a clipping file of scientific and medical advances that are reported in the newspaper.

• Make a bulletin board of community health services offered in your town such as rehabilitation centers, poison control centers or Alcoholics Anonymous.

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