New York State Assembly District 22


VOTE_MoncionCandidate Gonald Moncion (R)

The candidate or incumbent listed here for this race is one of the official choices on the upcoming Nov. 4 election ballots. Anton Community Newspapers attempted to contact each incumbent and candidate on the local ballot. The request was not responded to or the information was not returned to the editor before press time.



VOTE_SOLAGES_103114Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages (D)

Born in Elmont. Michaelle Solages graduated from Hofstra University’s School of Education Health and Human Services and remained after graduation as a supervisor of access services at the university’s Axinn Library. Her love and admiration for education and intellectual enlightenment were broadened by her experience at the library. A life-long district resident, Michaelle is committed to enhancing its future, growing the economy, bringing good paying jobs to Nassau County, making the district a better and safer place for families to live. Best known for her progressive views and agenda, she believes the best thing that she can do is to work hard and serve the public.

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