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Get motivated with these fun fitness classes

Getting back into shape consistently tops the list of “most popular New Year’s resolutions.” Finding an enjoyable workout is the number one way to keep interest and motivation high. Steven Koeppel, owner and head trainer at The Modern Improvement Club in Syosset, said easing into a fun fitness routine is key to reaching goals while avoiding injury and burn out.
“Do something realistic,” Koeppel said. “Find something you enjoy. Find something you can sustain that makes you stronger as you go.”

If the thought of logging hours on the treadmill makes you want to stay in bed, these boredom-busting fitness classes are just the ticket to kickstart your 2020 workout regime.

The Modern Improvement Club (Photo source: Facebook)

Hot Flow Yoga

The Modern Improvement Club, Syosset •

If you think yoga is all chanting and complicated poses, allow The Modern Improvement Club’s Hot Flow Yoga class to change your mind. This 68-minute class is designed to energize with upbeat music and heart rate raising moves, none of which involve standing on your head.

A modern take on Bikram style yoga, participants can expect a full body workout that can torch up to 800 calories per class while increasing flexibility. The room is heated to 108 degrees using the fitness center’s self-regulating state-of-the-art heating system while freshly oxygenated air is pumped in during class.

“There is really nothing else like it,” Koeppel said. “There is no other workout that you can see or feel the benefits of as immediately. People walk out energized for the rest of the day. Hours after the class your body continues to burn calories.”

The class is designed for men and women (16-plus) of all fitness levels.

TRX MPulse

BeachFIT Long Island, Oceanside •

Get ready to feel the burn with this innovative suspension workout. TRX, also known as Total Resistance exercises, is all about functional training. Developed by a former U.S. Navy SEAL, the training methods allow participants to leverage gravity for the ultimate body weight workout.

BeachFIT Long Island in Oceanside specializes in TRX, offering 70 classes a week dedicated to the core engaging routine. The fitness center’s signature TRX MPulse workouts combine High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Constant High Intensity rounds (CHI) for a calorie burning workout. Strength work with cardio drills and mobility work ensure a multidimensional workout.

“If you want to feel like you got a total body workout, TRX is the way to go,” said Christina Boccio, who co-owns BeachFIT Long Island with her husband, Michael. “What draws people to it is that they feel it and see results faster than traditional workouts.”

The classes are designed for all fitness levels and vary in length. They are also offered multiple times a day, making it easy to fit into your schedule.

“People who are new to fitness can work out next to athletes and fit right in,” Boccio said. “It is a recipe for motivation.”

Workouts at Dream Dance Fitness keep your body toned and active. (Photo source:

Lyra/Aerial Hoop

Dream Dance Fitness, East Meadow •

Talk about fun fitness. Dream Dance Fitness’ group classes are designed to keep your mind and body active. This Lyra/Aerial Hoop not only tones, it builds confidence at any fitness level.

“It is great for any shape and size,” said co-owner and certified dance and fitness instructor Natasha Roman. “You can make it your own and you’re not in comparison to anyone else. You’ll be on a literal high.”

In this hour long class, you’ll learn how to use the lyra (aerial hoop) by strengthening your core, and using various fitness techniques. Roman inspires class goers to try different tricks that empower and blast calories.

“You’re suspended in the air and you feel like you’re flying,” she said. “It is fun but you’re burning a lot of calories during class and getting a great workout.”


Dany Holdstein Two Worlds Dance & Fitness, Greenvale •

Certified personal trainer and president of Ultimate Performance + Fitness, Anthony Giallanzo, takes high intensity interval training (HITT) up a notch with his expertly designed Shred class at Dany Holdstein Two Worlds gym in Greenvale.

The 50-minute class combines full body resistance training with continuous cardio training for total conditioning. This intense athletic workout uses a variety of equipment and cycle activity with built in recovery, for an efficient, easy to follow workout. Great for all fitness levels, each move can be modified or progressed.

“People love the class because it goes by so fast,” Giallanzo said. “It allows people to work at their own pace so you don’t get discouraged. Each week, clients can really see their progress.”


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