Nespresso Offers The Perfect Perk

Nespresso Essenza Minis in black, red and white

For many people, there are few things more important in the world than a morning cup of coffee. And the quality of coffee that is in that cup is paramount. Fortunately, Nespresso never has a problem with that.

Bringing the best in coffee from European cafés to your kitchen, the brand is responsible for the gift that keeps on giving: the Nespresso machine. This year, the coffee giant has released a special limited edition Essenza Mini machine, which is compact, easy to use and doesn’t compromise on taste, making it the perfect gift this holiday season.

Preparing an Espresso (small size) or a Lungo (larger size) couldn’t be more convenient thanks to the two programmable buttons and an automatic flow-stop. The machine fits into the most modest of spaces—making it ideal for apartments with limited counter space and otherwise humble kitchens—but is still bold on style and personality with a modern, clean aesthetic. For those with a more linear taste in appearance, go for the rectangular shape. For a curvier style, try the triangular model.

With a quick heat up in 25 seconds, and automatic shut off after nine minutes, making yourself a cup of Joe will be faster than checking your morning emails.

The Essenza Mini retails for $149 and is available in piano black, intense grey and pure white. It works with all of Nespresso’s 24 coffee flavors, including specialty season and holiday blends. Check off your wish list by visiting

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