Navigating Black Friday And Cyber Monday

shoppingbagsSome people cringe when they hear the words “Black Friday” because it calls to mind crowds of people trampling over one another to get a bargain-priced, flat screen television. Over the years, it has gained a negative connotation, as people have been severely injured the day after giving thanks to the ones we love. While Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving that starts off the holiday shopping season with the biggest bargains, Cyber Monday is the online version of the race for bargain-priced electronics, clothing and more.

Here are some tips for surviving Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

01oneMake lists

The lists could include who you have to shop for, what those people want for the holidays, the best deals and where to get them. Knowing what you need allows you to keep your eyes on the prize instead of letting them stray to that doorbuster-priced slow cooker in Macy’s. When searching online, you might get distracted by Amazon’s Lightning deals, but the list will keep you on track. The list also allows you to hit only the stores and websites necessary, so you can be in and out quickly.

02twoHave a schedule

Some stores may only run specific sales until a certain time, so know when each store opens and what time the sales run until, so you can schedule your shopping accordingly. Schedules will also help you remember which store you need to go to next, so you don’t become side-tracked by in-your-face signs of stores you do not need to hit.

03threeSet a budget

Black Friday and Cyber Monday can easily break the bank. When spying luggage priced at $49.99 instead of $200, $6.99 Ralph Lauren pillows, $29.99 comforters and $9.99 pajama pants while walking through Macy’s, you can be very tempted to buy them all. Set a budget for each person you’re shopping for and then an overall budget, so you stay on track with your purchases. Your bank account will thank you.


Black Friday ads are now accessible to everyone. Most people get them mailed to their homes and, if not, the ads are always online. Compare prices between stores to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. Many stores will have similar products on sale at different prices. For Cyber Monday, you can easily compare all of the different website prices by just keeping a few different tabs open on your browser.

05fiveKnow the “doorbusters”

If you’re looking for that special item that never usually goes on sale and has dropped down to an incredible price, you need to make sure you’re one of the first people in line. Stores usually don’t carry many of their biggest promotional items, which are mainly electronics. Televisions, laptops and tablets generally do not come in large quantities, meaning that the first 10 or so in line might be the only lucky ones.

Even online, stores may run out of their products quickly. On Cyber Monday, Amazon’s Lightning Deals usually tell the customer how many items are left in stock for each product.

06sixWear your sneakers

Black Friday usually entails racing around the mall from store to store. Sometimes it even means running from mall to mall in search of a certain pair of headphones that your son or daughter cannot live without. Make sure you dress comfortably. Gym attire may be your best bet for getting through the crowds.

Even on Cyber Monday, make sure to dress comfortably for all of the clicking around you will do on the web. Get in your pajamas and slippers, sit at the computer, and find your wife a pair of earrings she will love for half the price before she wakes up.

07sevenBe safe

Black Friday has proven to be hazardous with fights breaking out and people being trampled. Be courteous to others. No television or blender is worth a fight. Always be mindful of your surroundings, because Black Friday is one of the biggest days for pickpocketing. Only take essential credit cards and cash with you. Never leave your purse unattended.

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