Nassau County Property Reassessment Complete, Questions Remain

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Nassau County Executive Laura Curran and County Assessor David Moog announced last week the tentative assessment values for the 2020-21 tax year for every Nassau County property have been finalized and posted online at The values are a result of the first county-wide reassessment in nearly a decade.

“Striving for fairness and accuracy, the Department of Assessment has completed the challenging reassessment process and produced updated market values for every property in Nassau County,” said Curran. “This was a tremendous effort by the hard-working employees at the Department of Assessment and by our two vendors Standard Valuation Services and Michael Haberman Associates.”

In addition to being posted online, Nassau County property owners will receive in the mail by Jan. 31 a Notice of Tentative Assessed Value for the County’s 2020-2021 tentative assessment roll. The notices will contain their property’s full market value, the level of assessment, tentative assessed value and for classes two and four, their transitional assessed value. Notices were mailed out beginning Jan. 7 in the following order: class 1, residential and residential capped; class 2, condos, co-ops and multiple dwellings; class 3, utility; class 4, commercial.

The updated valuations included in the notices are a result of the Department of Assessment’s 60-day review period, where property owners had the opportunity to review their preliminary new market value, update their property inventory and work with the County’s assessment personnel to identify and account for variables that affect property value. During the 60-day review period, the county’s assessment personnel met with more than 13,500 property owners to explain the reassessment process, address specific concerns and questions, obtain feedback, address questions about exemptions and adjust property inventory; counseled 1,167 property owners by email; and continued to fine tune the data modeling to account for unique factors that influence property value.

As a result of this 60-day review period more than 85,000 values for the 2020-21 tentative assessment roll were decreased from the preliminary new market values listed in the Assessment Disclosure Notices. Of these decreases, 20,000 were for vacant land and 65,000 were a result of various adjustment factors including neighborhood, section, block, topography, inventory adjustments and other taxpayer inputs. The number of Enhanced Star applications for senior citizens doubled and new senior citizen applications increased by 45 percent.

The posting of the assessment roll begins the challenge period for property owners to grieve their assessed value and the Notices of Tentative Assessed Value include directions on how to challenge assessments. Curran assures the public that they will always have the right to grieve but they should not have to do so to obtain a correct assessment.

Curran encourages residents with additional questions or in need of further clarification to make an appointment at one of the satellite offices which will remain open until Jan. 31.

Residents can make their appointments at

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