My Take On The ‘Elimination Diet’

elimination diet for the soul
Eliminate what’s unnecessary and toxic in your life in order to achieve a happier life.

The term “elimination diet” typically refers to a method of identifying foods that have adverse affects on the body. I would like to propose the “elimination diet” as a portal to discovering what ideas and belief systems we need to release to create positive mind and body shifts from within.

Consider each of the points and ask yourself if finding a way to let them go from your daily life could create transformational change for you.


We somehow all get really creative when it comes to all the reasons why we can’t or shouldn’t do something. Let’s try to step outside of the excuse mentality and look for all of the possibilities and opportunities around us. We will always find what we seek so let’s develop laser focus on all the ways that we can support what we want to create in our lives. What excuse are you willing to click the delete button on right now?

Unnecessary “stuff”

We acquire so many “things” in the course of a week or month let alone a year. So many of those things either quickly become obsolete to us or were purchased on a whim and are items we could do without. The physical clutter created in our space causes mental clutter in our minds. Consider visualizing how you will use an item before you bring it into your home. How can you remove or donate some of the unnecessary “stuff” that clutters your space and weighs you down?

Toxic relationships

Releasing toxic relationships may be one of the most significant thing we do to adopt a healthier lifestyle. We unconsciously develop characteristics of the people we surround ourselves with most frequently so it’s imperative to get real on whether our people are a drain or a fountain. I’m not suggesting you harshly eliminate the harmful relationships. I do, however, challenge you to get mindful of the amount of time and space you hold for these people. How can you step away from a relationship that has been hurting you? How can you attract a relationship that is mutually uplifting and high-vibe?

The need to be right

We at times hold little value for our peace of mind when we assume the need to be right in any given situation. There are times where we will simply need to walk away or back down from an argument simply because it doesn’t serve us to engage. Allow your beliefs and ideals to be enough for you without having to place them on another person. Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy? Hint: Choosing happy will radically shift the level of grace and ease in your life.

Past grievances

Forgiveness is such a loaded word but so important to practice on a moment to moment basis. Holding onto past disappointments and anger aimed at other people only holds us back from moving forward in our own lives. Take every opportunity to forgive yourself, to forgive those around you and forgive situations that you feel you did not actively choose for your life. Forgiveness doesn’t make those outside factors right but it does bring you more clarity and contentment in your own life. Who/what are you willing to forgive today?

The “when I have syndrome”

We all fall into this pattern promising ourselves happiness when we achieve the next goal, make more money or have the next child. You know what I’m talking about. The specifics are individual to everyone but most of us experience this roadblock in some form. How unfair it is for us to delay our own happiness and place a condition on it. This outlook robs us of the present moment and places focus on what is to come rather than what is right in front of us. Dwelling in a state of gratitude is one of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves and those around us. How can you practice gratitude for all that you are in this moment?

Once we put energy into removing these and other limiting ideas from our daily lives, we clear up space to call in quality experiences that provide us with every opportunity to thrive.

Melody Pourmoradi is a women’s life and wellness coach at Life Evolutions Coaching. Check out to learn more.

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Melody Pourmoradi
Melody Pourmoradi is a women’s wellness and lifestyle coach at Life Evolutions Coaching and a columnist for Long Island Weekly's Healthy Living Special Section. Learn more about her services at

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