Must-Have Fall Scents


Nothing says autumn like the smell of pumpkin and apple cinnamon. While these two notable scents are the hallmark of sweaters, harvest festivals and chilly nights, there are so many other aromas to heighten your senses this season. So grab your candles, plug-ins and sprays and fill your home with the fragrances of fall.

Cranberry Cider

Chesapeake Bay Candle $3.99

From the cranberry chutney at Thanksgiving to the frosted cranberries at Christmas, cranberry is a scent that can be carried throughout both seasons. Cranberry cider is the perfect, fragrant blend of tart and sweet.

Apple Cinnamon

Glade $2.99

The other iconic scent of the season, apple cinnamon comes in several variations that all smell the same: delicious. If you can’t find apple cinnamon, try cinnamon apple, apple spice and apple cider to get that nostalgic aroma.


Henri Bendel $25

Don’t have a fireplace to give off that crackling, warm scent of burning wood? Try burning a wood-scented candle instead. This candle draws notes of cedarwood, birch, sandalwood and amber for that feel-good cozy night in.

Bourbon and Vanilla

Harlow & Bentley $39.99-$55

Warm up your bones with the scent of vanilla bourbon in this soy candle. An actual glass of bourbon by the fire couldn’t hurt either.

Warm Apple Pie

Bath & Body Works $12.50

Apple picking means one thing: fresh baked apple pie. Not a baker? Burning this apple pie-scented candle should do the trick. Want a bit more flavor? Try adding a caramel or brown sugar candle to the mix.


Yankee Candle $27.99

Plain and simple, the taste of a fresh, juicy apple is mouthwatering enough and even sweeter in your home. More subtle than apple spiced candles, Macintosh Apple will make your house smell like a trip to the orchards.

Cashmere Woods

Glade $7.65

The oaky and amber aroma of a day spent in the woods is what you’ll get when you light this candle.


Yankee Candle $27.99

Maple smells delicious on its own, but when walnuts and pecans are added to the mix, the nutty undertones exude the warmth of a cozy, morning breakfast.

Autumn Leaves

Yankee Candle $27.99

What does a pile of leaves smell like? Apparently like pomegranate, orange blossom, white pine needles, juniper berry, rosemary, birch leaf, red maple leaf and dried persimmon tree leaves…if you’re burning this candle.

Spiced Pumpkin

Yankee Candle $27.99

Ah, the signature scent of the fall season. Pumpkin everything is available at your fingertips. If pumpkin lattes, cheesecakes, pies and muffins aren’t your thing, embrace the gourd by just burning a pumpkin spice candle.

Spiced Pear

Yankee Candle $27.99

When the juicy taste of pears meets savory spices, it is the perfect recipe for a tasty dessert. Now the smell can linger long after guests have enjoyed a sweet end to a meal.

Mulling Spices

Yankee Candle $27.99

Mulled wine and apple cider on their own and spiked, are a deliciously warm way to welcome autumn and they make your house smell amazing. Keep the scent going with a mulling spices candle.

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