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F. Scott Fitzgerald once famously said that there are no second acts. Apparently, the erstwhile Great Gatsby author never crossed paths with The Moody Blues, who are currently touring and playing long after their 1964 founding. Emerging out of Swinging London in the late ‘60s, the fivesome were known for recording symphonic conceptual albums like Days of Future Passed, In Search of the Lost Chord and A Question of Balance. Within the grooves of these albums, classical music arrangements were married to accessible songs that yielded a boatload of hits that included “Nights In White Satin,” “The Story In Your Eyes,” “Ride My See-Saw” and “I’m Just a Singer (In a Rock and Roll Band).” And while the band’s star dimmed somewhat in the early ‘80s, the band did enjoy that second act thanks to the success of 1986’s Tony Visconti-produced , which introduced this Baby Boomer favorite to a new generation of fans through some memorable music videos and hit songs like “Your Wildest Dream” and the title track. And all throughout, the band’s loyal fan base has ensured demand for live shows year in and year out. It’s all a fact that Moody’s frontman Justin Hayward is well aware of when he’s asked about the band’s ‘80s comeback.

“It was a time when Polydor and Polygram had taken over Decca and all the old masters and they had a very different kind of ethic. It was very whizzy where they wanted to go [grab that success]. There were all sorts of promo guys doing that kind of stuff and they gave us a budget to make a couple of great videos and it really paid off for us,” Hayward recalled on the phone from his office in France. “We had the right song with ‘Wildest Dream’ and we had the right video director and everything just fell into place. It was a great time and to have success the second time around in your life was really a great gift.”

Justin Hayward is currently enjoying the success of the PBS music special Justin Hayward’s Spirits...Live
Justin Hayward is currently enjoying the success of the PBS music special Justin Hayward’s Spirits…Live

That kind of ardor for what The Moody Blues have been doing all these years extends to Hayward’s work as a solo artist whose 1977 debut Songwriter came out two years after Blue Jays, a project he recorded with band mate John Lodge during a Moody Blues hiatus. Fast forward to 2015 and PBS is currently airing Justin Hayward’s Spirits…Live, a special that finds him mixing his own material with classics from his musical day job, with help from guitarist Mike Dawes and keyboardist Julie Ragins. Approached by the public television network after a solo acoustic show he did in Minneapolis, Hayward was thrilled to jump aboard the fundraising train when asked.

“I’ve always been a fan of Austin City Limits and live music programs like that. I also like the fact that these shows don’t involve massive production and it’s usually something quite intimate. It rolled on from there and the next thing I know, they’d given me this great gift of this PBS show, which is absolutely wonderful. I’m really impressed with them. Their production has been really great,” he explained. “It’s based on a DVD that I did last year called Spirits Live. So it’s a lot of the material from the solo album of new songs that I had out called Spirits of the Western Sky. There’s a bonus DVD that PBS is using for their pledge drive of another concert where I do a whole different load of songs that are interesting too. So [this special] is based on Spirits and the original versions of Moody songs the way that I played them to the other guys.”


Moody Blues (from left): Justin Hayward, John Lodge, Graeme Edge (Photo by Mark Owens)
Moody Blues (from left): Justin Hayward, John Lodge, Graeme Edge
(Photo by Mark Owens)

But right now, Hayward is on the road with fellow Moodys Lodge and Graeme Edge in support of the 8-CD The Polydor Years: 1986-1992 box set. And while he declined to help compile it, “I was so busy with my own solo stuff, so I told [the label] I was taking a pass…,” the 68-year-old rock legend is thrilled with the end result.

“There were a couple of young guys over at Universal and they did a great job finding stuff that I thought I was the only person that ever had it. It was in my cave and I wasn’t going to let anybody else have it, but they found copies of it. I’m very pleased [and while] I can’t claim anything to do with it, I’m very pleased that it’s out there,” he said.

With the last proper Moody Blues album of all original studio material being 1999’s Strange Times, Hayward is unsure if and when the band will be releasing an album of new material.

“I’ve got a feeling that the next big Moodys project will be a sort of audio/visual thing,” Hayward explained. “But I think that it will be that kind of thing because I think that’s what we feel is wanted from us. I don’t think any of us want to put another album out that’s kind of lumped onto another greatest hits. Everybody says the [new stuff] is great, but let’s talk about what you did in 1967.”

One thing the former member of The Wilde Three is grateful for is a fan base that continues to allow him and his band mates to do what they love most.

“We’ve had so many ups and downs and we’re at that stage in our lives and careers where it’s like a gift now for everyone to be able to have the opportunity to come out with a great band like the Moodys to do the music properly,” Hayward said. “And for me, as a solo player as well, to have promoters want to book me and to do solo tours, I’m very grateful. But the music business has changed so much and we have no right to be here, but I’m certainly glad we are.”
The Moody Blues will be appearing on March 27 through March 29 at NYCB Theatre in Westbury, 960 Brush Hollow Rd., Westbury. For more information, please call 877-598-8497 or visit (To see Justin Hayward’s favorite Moody Blues albums, please click here)

Dave Gil de Rubio
In addition to being editor of theNassau Observer, Dave Gil de Rubio is a regular contributor to Long Island Weekly, specializing in music and sports features. He has won several awards for writing from Press Club of Long Island (PCLI), New York Press Association (NYPA) and Fair Media Council (FMC).


  1. My milestones were both Days of Future Passed and A Question of Balance plus three consecutive albums between these two In Search of the Lost Cord, On the Threshold of a Dream and To Our Children’s Children’s Children.

  2. To me, my faves of Moody music over the years has been the entire Days of Future Passed, as will as The Voice, Somewhere, Wildest Dreams, and Forever Autumn

  3. Actually, the Moody Blues star did not dim in the early 80’s. The Moody Blues had two top 20 US hits in “The Voice” and “Gemini Dream”. This another example of the album Long Distance Voyager not getting the credit it deserves.

  4. Technically, the Moodies have had THREE lives: the pre-Hayward/Lodge years of ’64-’67, the classic seven years and then the video era of the 80’s. Then there’s the fact that they continue to sell out theaters and yet are not in the R&R Hall of Fame. My favorite band! Can’t wait to see what comes next.

  5. Great article the band and Justin as you can read here are quite humble. These men and their well chosen stage band are consummate professionals. Each band member is a singer /songwriter and that is an immense plus because it adds to the range the band offers. They always put on an amazing show…I’ve seen them 50 times…and would go and see them play anywhere I can. I would like to thank them for their sharing thwir talents and the time and energy they put into their shows and thank you for a lovely article

  6. I have enjoyed The Moody Blues for many years. I was delighted to hear Justin Hayward In Concert with ” Spirits” on PBS March 15, 2015. He will also be repeating the Same Concert on April 30th at Ten P.M. I cannot wait to hear and see him again!! The Best! He has written So Much Wonderful Music. My recent favorite is “Wildest Dreams”

  7. When “Long Distance Voyager” came out I played that album for hours and hours every day. I knew every word and I joyously sang along every time I played it. I still have all of their albums that are on vinyl and also the CDs. The first album of the Moodies that I ever purchased was “To Our Children’s Children’s Children” in December 1969.

  8. Saw the start of the latest Moody Blues tour the 19th of March at the Hanover in Worcester. This band sounds as great as ever. Thank you for all the happiness you have brought us through the years.

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