Miracle On 34th Street The Musical Hits The Stage At The Argyle Theatre

Miracle on 34th Street, the classic Christmas film, has been adapted into a musical and can be seen on the stage of the Argyle Theatre in Babylon Village through Dec. 29. Written by Meredith Wilson, known for his hit musical The Music Man, the show tells the tale of a skeptical little girl who doubts the existence of Santa Claus. When the real Kris Kringle is inadvertently hired to play Santa in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, he must convince Susan and her mother that he’s the genuine article.

Miracle on 34th Street takes place between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas,” said Tiffan Borelli, who plays Doris Walker, a divorced, single mother who has become rather cynical about the supposed magic of Christmas. “We find her brokenhearted. She’s taken her rose-colored outlook on life and turned it into a much more practical, realistic approach, which she has passed down to her daughter. And then she meets this Kris Kringle.”

Borelli continued, “Hearing Santa Claus talk about the popcorn and the pine cones and the presents—it’s just mesmerizing and it really takes the whole family back to their childhoods.”

Tony Triano as Santa Claus and cast of Miracle on 34th Street (Photo by Richard Termine for Argyle Theatre)

We all know the story, but not necessarily the music, and not the experience of watching it come to life on stage.

“The opening is amazing,” said Tony Triano, who plays Kris Kringle. “It’s a parade. It’s really beautiful.”

“I play RH Macy,” said Christopher Carl. “This new Santa Claus, at first he sees him as a liability because he’s sending his customers off to other stores, until he realizes it’s great publicity. It creates loyalty.”

He added, “I don’t think a lot of people have heard the songs from the show because it’s not done often. So our take on it is probably going to be something not a lot of people have seen. Especially if they’re used to the movie.”

Cast of Miracle on 34th Street (Photo by Richard Termine for Argyle Theatre)

Ira Kramer plays ex-Marine Fred Gailey, who befriends Susan who is desperately in need of the spirit of Christmas.

“The first song I sing ends up being a duet with Susan,” Kramer explained. “We’re just really kind of expressing these ideas of hopes and dreams and what the future brings and this idea of love.”

The role of Susan is shared between Raquel Sciacca and Cordelia Comando.

“This is basically about miracles,” Sciacca said. “She doesn’t really believe in Santa Claus.”
“And the reason…is because her mother had a bad experience with her husband,” Comando added. “She’s telling her [daughter] to not believe in Santa Claus or Prince Charming or anything because she doesn’t want her to experience what she experienced.

Ira Kramer and Raquel Sciacca (Photo by Richard Termine for Argyle Theatre)

Both girls love the toy ballet scene, which is a dream sequence that allows Susan to express her imagination.

The show features the beloved song “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” and other wonderful holiday tunes.

View the video above for featured interviews with the cast and clips from the show.

Miracle on 34th Street will restore everyone’s faith in the spirit of Christmas and is perfect for the whole family this holiday season. See it at The Argyle Theatre, 34 West Main St., Babylon, through Dec. 29. For tickets, visit argyletheatre.com or call 844-631-5483.

—With reporting by MyLITV‘s Waldo Cabrera

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