Millions Secured To Expand Apprenticeship Program


Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that $4.2 million in federal funding is available to support the expansion of New York’s Apprenticeship Program. This investment will increase the state’s ability to establish new registered apprenticeships by working with Regional Economic Development Councils and other workforce development partners to continue fostering the skilled workforce needed to fuel business growth in emerging industries.

“These critically important apprenticeship programs are the gateway to good-paying jobs that are the bedrock of New York’s middle class,” Cuomo said. “This funding will create 800 new registered apprenticeship positions in high-demand industries across the state, helping more hard-working New Yorkers achieve the American Dream.”

This funding includes $3 million from the Middle Skills Training Fund and $1.2 million in ApprenticeshipUSA State Expansion Grant funding for registered apprenticeships in emerging industries.

The Request for Applications is designed to incentivize increased business participation with a focus on the emerging fields of advanced manufacturing, healthcare and information technology, along with other high-demand occupations. It will also help registered apprenticeship sponsors develop new programs and enroll more apprentices in current programs by providing reimbursements of up to $5,000 per apprentice for on-the-job training, related instruction, books and tools.

expansion of New York’s Apprenticeship ProgramRegistered Apprenticeship is a time honored workforce development tool and is a proven vehicle for entry to a middle-class career. This grant will be used to reach more industries and further expand New York’s growing program.
New York’s Registered Apprenticeship Program has already seen significant growth under the leadership of Cuomo, increasing from 3,419 newly-enrolled apprentices in 2010, to 5,399 in 2016—an increase of nearly 58 percent.

The number of non-construction programs are also increasing. In 2011, non-construction programs made up 25 percent of the total number of programs. By the end of 2016, that figure had increased to 32 percent. In addition, new trades offering apprenticeships include Community Health Workers, Computer Support Technicians, Precision Optics Manufacturing Technicians, and Centerless Grinder Machinists.

“Because of the support Governor Cuomo has given to Registered Apprenticeship, New York State has taken great strides to expand apprenticeship into new and emerging sectors over the last several years,” New York State Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon said. “This funding will help apprenticeships here expand even further, allowing more people to learn marketable skills while earning a decent wage, putting them on the path to the middle class.”

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