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Too busy in your everyday hustle and bustle to go to the grocery store and whip up a home-cooked meal from scratch? Try these food delivery services that send delicious recipes with pre-portioned ingredients to make home-cooked meals quick and easy.


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Tired of the same two or three recipes for dinner this week? Get a plethora of options for your next home cooked meal through Plated, which allows you to customize your meals according to your preferences. Famed for their flexibility and chef-designed recipes, Plated gives customers the opportunity to choose and change their order every week. You can choose which meals you’d like from their innovative menu, how many servings of that meal you would like and which days of the week you would like your meals sent to you.

When signing up for Plated you are offered three different plans that all include a first night for free. The two-serving meal plan starts at $11.95 per meal or $23.90 for the first week. There is also the three-serving plan which is $9.95 per meal or $29.85 for the first week and lastly the four serving plan which is $9.95 per meal or $39.80 for the first week. Prices for Plated may change according to how many nights you’d like to get meals sent to you.

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Purple Carrot

Image source: Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is a company that creates meals from plant-based ingredients, giving vegans and vegetarians an opportunity to enjoy the luxuries that come with a home cooked meal made quick and easy.

Three exclusive plans are provided to subscribers, such as the one- to two-person plan which includes three meals for $11.33 per plate or $68 a week, a three- to four-person plan which offers two meals for $9.25 per plate or $74 a week and lastly a plan that is unique to Purple Carrot, called the TB Performance Meals plan. The TB Performance Meals plan is one that was developed in collaboration with Tom Brady to help athletes and active subscribers achieve their peak performance with three meals a week for $78 a week.

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Home Chef

Image source: Home Chef

Skip the grocery store and go to Home Chef, the food delivery service that is recognized for its gourmet meals at low prices. When you subscribe to Home Chef you get access to 10 dinner options, breakfasts, fruit baskets and even smoothies to fuel you through your busy week. A variety of options are offered to satisfy meat lovers, vegetarians and those who are gluten-free.

Ordering from Home Chef means eliminating food waste with its pre-measured ingredients but also reducing environmental waste as all its packaging is made from reused and recycled goods. For just under $60 dollars you can create three mouthwatering meals for two and save your money, food and time.

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Image source: PeachDish

Order your next meal from PeachDish for a sweet taste of the south. PeachDish delivers ingredients grown on small southern farms and recipes curated from experienced southern chefs. PeachDish offers southern food that will ensure your taste buds and figures are happy as the company works closely with a nutrition team to secure healthy meals.

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Blue Apron

Blue Apron is a food service that seeks to bring sustainable, high quality food to your dinner table. Blue Apron conveniently delivers delicious recipes with pre-proportioned ingredients to your home to create easy home-cooked meals. Partnering with more than 150 farmers, Blue Apron is focused on not only providing home chefs with better value ingredients, but they also work to replenish and preserve the environment through their regenerative agricultural practices.

Through Blue Apron, you can ensure the ingredients sent to your home are non-GMO and made without the use of added hormones, pesticides and fertilizers. Blue Apron offers two noteworthy plans, a two-person plan or a family plan, with the option to skip any meals or cancel at anytime. The two-person plan offers three recipes that serve two for a total of $59.95 per week, whereas the family plan offers two recipes that serve four people for a total of $71.92 per week.

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Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is a company that readily provides fresh and native grown ingredients from different purveyors around the country. Hello Fresh provides two basic yet inclusive plans called the classic plan and family plan. Starting at three meals per week and $9.99 per serving, a classic plan is $59.94 per week. The family plan, which cooks for four people, includes two meals at $8.74 per serving and $62.92 per week.

With Hello Fresh, chefs at home are given the option of a meat, fish, or veggie dinner plan, and meals are then sent based on your selected preference.

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