Maximo Overdrive


Meet Maximo, a 15-foot, 3-inch, 1,250-pound saltwater crocodile who happens
to be the largest animal at The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park.

Maximo_010615This “Saltie” as his species is called in Australia, was hatched from an egg collected by aborigines along an Australian river bank. He grew to his adult size at the Cairn’s Crocodile Farm.

Maximo is the successor to the late Gomek, a New Guinea saltie who grew to be 18-feet long and weighs nearly a ton. Gomek lived out most of his life at the park and is currently preserved in a separate room surrounded by a collection of rare and beautiful hand-carved Papua New Guinea art. Viewed through an underwater viewing window, Maximo is seen here chilling with his lady friend Sydney, who was also brought over with him from Down Under at the same time.

See below for more photos from the Alligator Farm.

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