Makerbot Helps Barry Tech Students Build Bridges


boces_aNassau BOCES Barry Tech Computer Game Design and Programming and Digital Design classes were recently visited by the 3D printing company, Makerbot. Students had the opportunity to test bridges they designed before building the actual structures out of straws, glue and 3D printed connectors.

Students had to consider variables such as material and force distribution in order to test the structure and construction of their design.

“Everything we do is applied. Students need to know how to take their designs and bring it into a full product,” Barry Tech teacher Virginia D’Alonzo said.

This workshop was a realization of what is learned in the classroom at Barry Tech. The student’s understanding of engineering concepts including stress points in design were put to the test as well as consideration of price limitations, infill and model strength—these are all points that figure into the design curriculum.

“You get to make your ideas,” said design student Scott Haimson. “It’s something you can have fun with.”

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