Make Your Home Cozy And Chic For Fall


HGTV organizing expert Jill Pollack may have a spot for everything in the home, but she also has a keen eye for designing each room as well, especially when it comes to hot styles and trends of the moment.

“To me, farmhouse style and décor means a lot of things. I think rustic, charming, unfussy and unfinished, but I also see practical, old school and comfortable in that style aspect as well,” said Pollack of the design trend that has captivated homeowners and decorators.

As with any interior design style, there are certain elements of a farmhouse-themed room that are typical when decorating. For example, reclaimed wood, barnboard details and big, comfortable furniture will always make an appearance.

The same goes for galvanized metal, wrought iron accents, vintage accessories and plush blankets and pillows in neutrals, taupes, sage greens, cocoas and light gray colors. For Pollack, every detail of designing a room is important, right down to where everything goes.

“For cute and decorative ways to store things in keeping with the theme of your room, there’s so much you can do,” she said. “Think mason jars for make-up brushes, Q-tips and utensils and galvanized metal containers for categorizing food, supplies and toys. Use burlap bags for decorative accents and wooden milk crates for magazines.”

Pollack also recommends using an old wood ladder for shelves or displays, cookie jars for soaps, coffee pods and dog treats and wicker baskets to store toilet paper and towels.

Autumn is a limbo season where it’s not yet too cold but still a bit warm, so think about what goes into storage.

“It’s time to put away tennis rackets and swimming gear and assess the winter gear, see what you need and what fits the kids because you don’t want to get caught short when the first snow of the season comes and you are missing mittens,” she said. “Make a donation pile and send what you don’t need to people who do.”

For those with a fireplace, make sure the wood pile is stocked and everyone should get ready to wash their heavy winter comforter.

“Fall is a perfect time to open the windows and give the house a good airing out before shutting up for the cold,” said Pollack. “Wash everything first and then put the items in clear plastic bins with labels. Depending on the item, toss in a few cedar balls to protect from bugs and smells and always store in a dry place.”

Make a list of what you might need next season and look for pre-season sales. When you’re done with your list, cozy up and enjoy the warmth and wonder that comes with autumn.

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