Longines Masters Trots Forward

Kevin Staut competes in the Riders Masters Cup.

The Longines Masters rides into New York, April 26-29, for the grand finale of the international series taking place in three of the world’s most luxurious, bustling cities: Paris, Hong Kong and now, New York. Created by EEM, the Longines Masters of New combines unparalleled sport with luxury lifestyle for a unique experience at NYCB Live, Home of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The must-attend event of Spring 2018 will offer first-class sport, shopping, live music, one-of-a-kind artwork, delicious cuisine and more.

Spectators will witness history as the Longines Masters of New York becomes the first prestigious indoor equestrian competition on Long Island and the first in New York in more than 130 years. Top-ranked riders will travel from around the globe to compete in four days of fast-paced, heart-pounding show jumping competition.

Highlights include Friday night’s tribute to the Longines Masters Series’ global cause, autism, ahead of the Longines Speed Challenge, which is considered to be the fastest show jumping competition in the world. Saturday night brings the culmination of the first ever Riders Masters Cup, a brand-new duel-style competition that pits European riders against American riders to answer the age-old question of who reigns—or reins—supreme. And the competition concludes with Sunday’s Longines Grand Prix, in which riders will vie for the 1 million-euro Grand Slam Bonus, awarded to the rider who wins the Longines Grand Prix at all three legs of the Longines Masters Series. French Rider Patrice Delaveau will enter the competition coming off a win in Hong Kong in hopes of carrying the trophy through to Paris.

In between all the action, ticket holders can explore the 60,000-square foot Prestige Village to experience unique ways to engage with the competition and the latest in fashion and riding apparel, music, parties, rare art and more. Led by Title Partner, Official Timekeeper, and Watch Longines, the Prestige Village offers a complete roster of luxury and equestrian brands, fashion labels, notable artists and galleries.

Fans are given a firsthand taste of the intersection of glamour and fashion with family entertainment, and from meet-and-greet sessions to watching the best riders in the world prepare to enter the ring, they will have the chance to get up close and personal with their idols in a manner unparalleled in show jumping.

Long Island-born renowned celebrity chef Antonia Lofaso will be the culinary mastermind behind the exclusive Masters Club, offering guests a curated menu with delectable dishes such as overflowing charcuterie, braised oxtail, homemade pastas like seafood fra diavolo and rigatoni, and of course her signature cannoli.

After all that excitement, the village stays alive well into the night and will be the home of live entertainment like the Official Sam Edelman After Party on Saturday Night.

In just a few short weeks, NYCB LIVE will be transformed into the capital of sport and entertainment. Tickets are available at www.longinesmasters.com and www.ticketmaster.com.

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