Long Island Native Breaking Down Walls In The Courtroom And On Broadway

Producer Marc Grossman’s latest project is King Kong, the new Broadway musical. (Photo by Joan Marcus)

As a partner at The Sanders Firm, Oceanside native Marc Grossman has made leaps and bounds in combating corporate greed and outside of the legal arena, has found his talent in producing projects on Broadway.

For the past 25 years in the courtroom, Grossman has proudly helped thousands of New Yorkers recover from their personal injuries, doing extensive work to help lead national litigations in the recovery for victims of opioids, Vioxx, Avandia and many other drugs and products.

Currently, he is residing in Bahia Beach, Puerto Rico, and represents the territory and approximately 100 other cities, states and countries in a variety of important litigations. Most recently, he has been meeting with leaders of European countries interested in joining climate change litigation, which seeks to hold corporations responsible for contributing to pollution and deceiving the public about the risks it brings.

“As a result, countries, cities and people all over the world are now enduring toxic pollution and extreme weather events…” said Grossman, noting the hurricanes that have ravished the Caribbean caused $125 billion in damages to Puerto Rico in 2017 alone.

Marc Grossman

Additionally, in 2018, Grossman became a registered foreign lawyer in England, leading his firm’s expansion in Europe and South America. In Brazil, Grossman was hired by approximately 30 cities and 255,000 homeowners to help achieve justice for conduct, which led to the Samarco dam collapse in 2015 and an additional dam failure last month.

“[Last month’s dam failure] hit home, as almost every member of my Brazilian staff knew one of the many victims killed or still missing,” said Grossman.

Grossman has also been spending a lot of time in Liverpool, where The Sanders Firm is helping lead the fight for nearly 90,000 Volkswagen owners for compensation from a scandal that is now commonly known as “Diesel-gate.”

Outside of his ventures in law, Grossman has also found himself producing shows on Broadway. Two years ago, a friend, who had produced on Broadway, introduced Grossman to a small play entitled Indecent, which takes place in the same Polish town where Grossman’s grandmother had lived.

“That connection, coupled with the show’s profound messages about equality, immigration and LGBT rights, inspired me to help bring that and other shows to Broadway,” said Grossman.

Indecent went on to be an awarding-winning production, and since then, Grossman has also produced Escape to Margaritaville and Pretty Woman.

His most current Broadway project however, is King Kong, where he hopes to transform Broadway into a venue for action adventure.

“My belief is that culture needs to appeal to the masses and as we’ve seen, the movie industry finds its greatest successes from superheroes and action films,” said Grossman, “Also, Kong is a quintessential New York show…”

So far, King Kong has attracted the audience Grossman has hoped for.

“Hopefully we can crash through the wall that has blocked populist themes from breaking through to Broadway,” said Grossman.

Even with so much on his plate, Grossman does not forget about his Long Island roots as he still spends his summers in Port Washington and balances his time between Puerto Rico, the firm’s main office in Mineola and spending time with his wife and four children.

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Taryn Schofield
Taryn Schofield is a reporter with Anton Media Group.

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