Long Island Group Fights For Canine Mothers In Puppy Mills On Mother’s Day

Members of Puppy Mill Free Long Island gathered outside Little Wonders Puppy Emporium in Sayville to bring awareness to the female dogs forced to breed in puppy mills. (Photos courtesy of Puppy Mill Free Long Island)

Behind every cute Long Island pet store puppy there’s a mother dog—and 100 percent of the time she’s a puppy mill mother and/or backyard breeder mother living a life whose only purpose becomes making puppies for profit.

Many have all seen the deplorable conditions of puppy mills—the dirty, tiny, cramped wire cages these animals are forced to live in for years on end. For the dogs born in a puppy mill that part of their life is soon over as they’re shipped off to pet stores across the country. But the mother dog? She’s left behind and bred again as soon as possible.

These mother dogs don’t have any reason to celebrate Mother’s Day. While we may be making progress towards eradicating puppy mills in the U.S. there’s still a long way to go, especially in New York.

Pet stores remain stocked with puppies, and for each cute puppy you see for sale in that pet store window or online there’s the tragic story of the puppy mill mother that’s always left behind.

This Mother’s Day, while honoring their own moms, grass roots animal activists took an hour out of their day and to protest outside Little Wonders Puppy Emporium in Sayville to honor the mothers of a different species: dogs who spend their entire lives caged and tormented in puppy mills, and mother dogs who are forced, over and over again, to produce puppies for profit under conditions of unimaginable cruelty.

Volunteers from Puppy Mill Free Long Island want the public to know what every pet store puppy purchase helps support and encourages consumers to research responsible breeders, meet the parents, their litter and actually see where pups are raised and maintained. A responsible breeder will never sell to pet store. 

Currently, there is a NYS Puppy Mill bill on the table sponsored and cosponsored by both Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal and Senator Michael Gianaris. Residents that live in Senate District 3, which includes Bayport, Bellport, Blue Point and Brentwood, are being asked to contact Senator Monica Martinez and ask her to support bill S4234A6298 to stop the sale of puppy mill animals in pet stores and advise they’d like to see this passed out of committee. For those unaware, as a former legislator, Monica was the sponsor of Suffolk County Pet Dealer Bill that passed recently. Now as a NYS Senator, she is the chair of the Domestic Animal Welfare Committee. This is the committee this bill needs to pass before going to the floor for a vote.

Let’s make it happen, folks. Call Senator Martinez today to express your enthusiasm for passage of this bill at her district office at 631-360-3356 or email Martinez@nysenate.gov.

Together we can end puppy mills.

—Submitted by Puppy Mill Free Long Island

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  1. THANK YOU for sharing the ‘Puppy Mill Protest’ story and bringing to light the hidden horrors behind the sale of every pet store puppy. I appreciate the fact that Long Island Weekly has reported the reality despite the fact that it is much less risky to ignore it … or even deny it … it’s great to know that there are media outlets that are not afraid to expose the truth, THAT is the way journalism is supposed to work. CONGRATULATIONS on a great story – and covering it with such intelligence!

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