Local Couple Finds Silver Lining In Pandemic

Buddha once said, “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” Despite the saddness and grief that some are feeling as a result of the pandemic, one Glen Cove couple has found happiness by launching a line of luxury candles with their new lifestyle brand, Trubee Hill.

“People tend to dwell on the negative aspects of 2020 of which, obviously, there are many, but we’ve chosen to dwell on the positive aspects which there are just as many.” said Ian Siegel, who co-owns Trubee Hill with husband, Adam. “We’re focused on something good coming out of this year.”

The couple is known for their love of home and entertaining.

“With covid shut down and things being very different this year, we thought this would be a wonderful way to divert our free time from being out and socializing and entertaining to working on something and building our own business,” said Ian. Adam added, “Everyone had to hit a reset button, and not by choice; we were very fortunate to have this down time and do something happy.”

They played with different scents and ingredients. The Siegels’ first candle, called Blue Hydrangea, was created for the well-known hydrangeas in their own front yard.

“We decided to create these scents that had to do with our home,” said Adam. “When we starting talking this spring about creating a brand and what we would launch it with, candles was the obvious choice; we love candles and always have a candle burning.”

Since then, Trubee Hill has released two more main scents, Holiday Home to reflect a river birch, like the one in their yard, and French Bulldog Kisses, for their celebrity-caliber pooch, reminiscent of a dog that had been lying out in the sun all day, in the fresh-cut grass, or maybe one who hopped into your clean laundry, freshly folded from the dryer.

“We gave out samples to our friends, seeking their honest feedback, like did it burn well or does it smell great,” said Adam. “We’re already working on new scents and considering launching a candle-of-the-month program and room sprays.”

In the meantime, Trubee Hill has also released a limited edition candle, fitting for the season and pandemic, called Cancelled Holiday Plans, which Ian said is their hope that COVID only disrupts this year’s holiday plans, thus making this scent a limited edition.

All that goes into the Trubee Hill candles are made in the USA, from the jars, fragrance, oils, forming containers, labels and wax. The candles are then hand-poured in Glen Cove. 

Ian said, “We’re having fun with it; we’re learning a lot and the response has been amazing.”

Trubee Hill candles sell for $30 (limited edition for $40) and can be found every other weekend at the Sea Cliff Farmer’s Market (100 Village Square, Glen Cove), at the Locust Valley Bookstore (8 Birch Hill Rd.) and at Scarsella’s Florist (1702 Route 25A, Laurel Hollow)

You can also visit www.trubeehill.com for a full list of products and to purchase.

Christy Hinko
Christy Hinko is the editor of Glen Cove Record Pilot.

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