Living Modern And Sustainably In 2018


As 2018 charges on, it is no surprise that the ever-changing technology that surrounds us becomes increasingly innovative and imaginative. As our lives change with this technology, it’s important to remember the basics in living a modern and sustainable lifestyle.

Here are some easy and modern ways to create less waste in 2018:

Buy Less Of Everything

Visit a grocery store that sells food in bulk or without packaging to limit your consumption of useless packaging. This way you can fill up your reusable containers over and over again.

Repurpose Containers

If you must buy the packaging, wash, de-label and repurpose your jars and containers to use for storing food, household items and everything in between.

Less is more

Choose products on the shelf that have minimal packaging. Companies are constantly trying to make their products the most appealing on the rack. What’s more appealing than just looking at the product itself?

Kick the plastic wrap addiction!

Pack your lunches with reusable beeswax wrap or a glass jar turned container for a waste free lunch that tastes good and makes the environment feel great.

Be a DIY-er

In our modern world, more people are switching to the “Do It Yourself” mentality—so hop on the bandwagon! Have your clothes and shoes repaired (or repair them yourself!) rather than replacing them. If you must give up last season’s shoes (even though they’re in great condition), donate your unwanted items to local shelters.

Help Beet Food Waste

Learn how to reduce your food waste with 10 easy steps.

Ask me about my worms!

Not everyone has a large backyard to start a compost pile, buy you can compost inside by building your very own worm bin. Learn more on how worms can reduce our waste.

Get inspired

You’re not in this alone, social media apps have made it easier to follow bloggers documenting their journey to live more sustainably, allowing us to see what may work in our own lives.

Upcoming Events

• Feb. 22, 2018: I Heart Worms Workshop – Queens Botanical Garden
• April 21, 2018: Repair Café – Patchogue

Also check the Repair Café Long Island Facebook page for updates.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation wants to hear from you. Is there a topic you’d like to learn more about? Or a public event or workshop related to recycling (organics, textiles, electronics, traditional recyclables, etc.) you’d like the greater community to know about? Email with your ideas and requests.

—Submitted by The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

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