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Alicia Grande founded her namesake cosmetics company in 2008.

When she was just 16 years old, Alicia Grande dove into the world of cosmetics when she managed a beauty booth at a flea market. Now, the entrepreneur has her own line of products, with everything from shampoo, conditioner and hair growth serum to lipstick, eyeliner and mascara.

“I have been inspired by the beauty industry for as long as I can remember,” said Grande. “Having grown up watching my mother work as a brand ambassador at cosmetics counters.”

As she followed in her mother’s footsteps and worked her first cosmetics table, Grande realized she had a passion for helping other women build their confidence,
“A particular lip gloss, dubbed ‘#44,’ was a frequented favorite,” she recalled. “Each woman I helped trusted me with her beauty as I helped her find products that inspired inner confidence.”

Her company, Grande Cosmetics, started in 2008 with her signature product, GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum. But before she launched the company, Grande had humble beginnings working on a beauty-focused radio show.

“I was always looking for the latest and greatest trends to share with my listeners,” she explained. Once she designed her lash serum, she went into action. “I thought, ‘with a last like Grande, I have to share this product with the world,’ and so Grande Cosmetics began.”

The revolutionary, award-winning lash serum is Grande’s so-called “one-swipe wonder.” Not only does it protect against brittleness and breakage to create a strong lash foundation, but it conditions each individual eyelash with a proprietary blend of ingredients that promotes the lash cycle for fuller and longer-looking lashes. Grande stated that through using her lash serum, results will be visible in four to six weeks, with “a full lash transformation in three months.”

Marketing her product through spa and wellness trade shows, she eventually saw positive cash flow and was able to expand into online retail. Today, her extensive line of products can be found in store like Ulta, Sephora and Macy’s.

But with the success of the lash serum, and hearing that clients used the product on their eyebrows, Grande created GrandeBROW Brow Enhancing Serum.

“Seeing a white space in the market and obvious need, GrandBROW Brow Enchancing Serum soon followed,” stated the entrepreneur. “Slowly, I expanded the entire Grande Cosmteics line to include solutions for the lashes, brow, lips and hair; all backed by studies and perception studies and clinical testing.”

While the mom of two juggles raising her family and running her own company, she never forgets her personal mission—empowerment. In fact, Grande Cosmetics’ employment is 90 percent women, “many of whom are just starting their careers in the industry,” said Grande. “I am proud to provide a foundation for young women to empower and find themselves and figure out where their true passions lie.”

With the core goal of her products being to “change and enhance women’s lives,” Grande believes in the mantra that when you look good, you feel good. As such, “I chase the incredible feeling of helping others feel beautiful in their own skin,” she expressed. “I’m going to be 50 this year, and with aging comes wrinkles, but I’ll tell you this: there is no better way to focus on what makes you feel beautiful than to love what makes you unique and fuel your soul with good company.”

I had the opportunity to sample some product from GrandeCosmetics, and Grande’s wish for her products to deliver visible results does not fall short.

Take, for example, the GrandeHAIR Peptide Shampoo ($22) and Conditioner ($23). With claims to promote healthier, thicker-looking hair by addressing hair woes at the root, the shampoo and conditioner set contains ingredients like hexapeptide-11, which naturally enhances scalp microcirculation and improves epidermal regeneration; swertia japonica extract to promote scalp circulation; and sugar cane extract, which contains vitamins B12, C and A, along with other elements like zinc, potassium and calcium—all of which promote long, shiny hair. I can personally attest to the ingredients working to make my hair as shiny and strong as ever—with an added bonus of smelling delicious from fruit extracts like apple and lemon.

I also sampled the recently released GrandeDRAMA Intense Thickening Mascara ($25). Good, worthwhile mascaras are few and far between; they typically flake and smudge and create the dreaded “raccoon eyes” before you know it. Not to mention how many mascaras only address one aspect of enhancement—curling, defining, adding volume, etc. It is very rare that you encounter a mascara that lasts all day and takes care of all of your eyelash woes. But this mascara hits every point.

Infused with castor oil rich in vitamin E to prevent breakage and promote stronger, bolder-looking lashes, film-forming polymers to improve gloss and shine, and hemispherical powders that are reflective to add natural brilliance to lashes, GrandeDRAMA is a lush, thick formula that somehow does not clump upon application (thick formulas will typically clump lashes together). The plush, hourglass-shaped brush creates the look of full eyelashes with intense black color and the product actually manages to survive the 15-hours in between application and removal—no flaking or smudging to be seen. Wiping it off is as easy a Neutrogena makeup removing wipe, so have no fear of difficult removal.

Also relatively new to the brand is the GrandeHAIR Rejuvenation Serum ($125). Perfect for those with thinning patches of hair, this product was finely crafted with prostaglandin I.C., castor oil, biotinoyl tripeptide-1, ginkgo biloba, ginseng root and camellia oleifera leaf extracts, and silk amino acids to add moisture, improve elasticity, reduce follicle atrophy and extend the length of the hair growth cycle, among other benefits.

Apply the product once a night to a clean, dry scalp—just three to four drops directly to the scalp will get the job done. Be sure to part the hair to expose the root in areas that need improvement. Gently massage the serum into the scalp and witness results in just six weeks, with full results in four months. Once you’ve achieved your desire results, continue maintenance by applying the serum every other night.

As Grande Cosmetics continues to expand in product it offers and changes the lives of its customers, Grande makes sure that her line is living up to her high standards and expectations.

“I think what propelled Grande Cosmetics to success most of all was the fact that customers aren’t just purchasing an aspiration; I make sure that every product I create produced credible, visible results.”

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Allison Eichler
Allison Eichler is the former editor of Hicksville News and Farmingdale Observer and creates beauty content for Long Island Weekly.

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