Little Shelter Welcomes Korean Slaughterhouse Dogs To Safety


Little Shelter eagerly awaited the arrival of 10 dogs from South Korea yesterday. After a long and tempestuous journey, the dogs arrived to safety on Monday, Feb. 27. The rescued dogs had been scheduled to be slaughtered for their meat, a common practice in Korea.

With the help of local Korean rescue group, Free Korea Dogs, a transport was arranged for them to come to New York. Little Shelter worked around the clock to get the dogs ready for the 14-hour international flight.

Free Korean Dogs is a small rescue group based in Korea that teamed up with Little Shelter for this project. The group estimates that more than 2 million dogs are raised and slaughtered for the Korean meat trade each year. The group often seeks to partner with larger rescue groups like Little Shelter to help get these dogs to safety and give them a chance to be adopted.

While Little Shelter is founded on local based rescue, it also strives to be a leader in the local and global community. Through the Passage To Freedom Program, these dogs will be provided an opportunity to live happy lives.

The Korean dogs are between 4-15 lbs and range in age from 9 months old to 3 years old. All of them are healthy, friendly dogs who had been socialized prior to receiving their doggie passports. Before they arrived in New York, each dog will have had a full medical work up and be spayed or neutered. As part of the shelters protocol the dogs will be kept quarantined for two weeks in Little Shelter’s new ISO room where they have time to settle down and become familiar with the staff. As of now it is expected that these dogs will be able to be adopted shortly after the quarantine period.

Little Shelter is currently asking for donations to help mitigate the incurred $5,000 for transporting these dogs to safety. To donate and for more information, visit Little Shelter at 33 Warner Rd, Huntington, 11743 or call 631-368-8770, ext. 26.

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