Legislation Expedites Professional Licenses For Military Spouses


License_AGovernor Andrew Cuomo recently signed legislation to expedite the professional licensure process for spouses of active duty military personnel transferred to New York who are licensed to practice in another state.

“This commonsense legislation breaks down artificial barriers that caused undue burdens on military families and opens the door for more career opportunities for military spouses in New York,” Cuomo said. “I’m proud to sign this measure into law and cut this unneeded red tape once and for all.”

The bill (A.4394-A/S.2947-A) will require expedited licensing and allow military spouses to obtain temporary licenses while their application is pending.

“As a veteran and a fighter for veteran’s causes, I am pleased that the governor signed my legislation into law,” said Assistant Assembly Speaker Felix W. Ortiz. “This law allows military spouses to pursue professional job opportunities that were closed to them before. We are now on par with the majority of states that recognize the importance of military families. We should always be able to support our armed forces in ways like this.”

The legislation requires the State Education Department to expedite the licensure process for professions overseen by SED for spouses of active duty members of the United States armed forces, National Guard, or reserves who are transferred to New York and who hold a license with substantially similar requirements from another state. It also authorizes SED to provide a temporary license to these military spouses so they can practice their profession immediately while their full licensure application is pending.

This new licensing process will apply to all SED licensed professions, including physicians, nurses, physical therapists, engineers and mental health practitioners, among others.

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