K9 Nutrition Focuses On Quality Raw Food For Dogs

(Photos courtesy of The K9 Shop)

When you own a pet, you treat them like any other member of your family, wanting the best for them emotionally, physically and nutritionally. When it came to feeding their dogs, Robert and Anya Tucker new that there was a healthier option out there than what was on the current market.

“When people come into the K9 Shop, we educate first. Whether they buy from us or not, we would rather see healthy animals out there,” said Anya Tucker, who is a teacher in Brooklyn. She and her husband first started the K9 Shop as a hobby to get dogs healthy. When word spread, it quickly grew into a brick and mortar business, specializing in high-quality raw dog food.

“We know what farms they’re coming from—most of our products are sourced locally from Maryland—and they are nutrient-dense food, which can help disease from occurring in animals,” said Tucker.

While some may sneer at the thought (and visual appearance) of raw dog food, it is in fact the healthiest option out there for your four-legged friend. Because it is raw, fresh and nutritionally balanced, it is packed with vitamins and minerals. Tucker believes that by being proactive and starting dogs on such a diet can prevent diseases and illnesses from occurring in the first place by building up their immune systems.

“It’s species-appropriate nutrition. Kibble shouldn’t be fed because it has aflatoxins, a fungus that causes cancer, and cooking and processing the kibble doesn’t kill it,” said Tucker, noting that raw food is what nature intended. “Dogs can survive on carbs (dry dog food), but that kind of food is nutritionally devoid and rendered.”

The K9 Shop carries some of the raw companies found in stores but also has a house grind. The Tuckers only sell food that is from the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. K9 products are obsolete of rice, grains, flour and oats, and the only carbohydrates are potatoes. Popular choices for dogs are turkey, duck, lamb and beef and a very unique combination of raw green tripe, lamb and beef.

“Rabbit is another huge high seller. As for our treats, they are all comprised of dried or freeze dried single ingredients like liver,” said Tucker. “The one thing people say when they come into our shop is that they don’t have to turn the bag around to read about what’s in their dog’s food.”

Prices range depending on the protein, but hover around $12 to $18 for 5 pounds of food. The shop sells complete meals as well as bits and pieces for those who want to play chef for their pup. The K9 Shop is currently the only shop in the state of New York that sells such a large variety of fresh and natural dog food.

“This wasn’t meant to turn into a business, but so many dogs that were sick are now better because of a change in their diet to raw food,” said Tucker. “That’s all any pet parent should want, a healthy and happy pet.”

The K9 Shop is located at 588 Broadway, Massapequa. Call 516-400-3729 or visit www.thek9shop.com.


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