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Photos from Gabrielle (right) and Andy’s wedding. (Photos courtesy of TYME Hair)
Photos from Gabrielle (right) and Andy’s wedding. (Photos courtesy of TYME Hair)

DIY hair for the big day

In my recent quest to find a versatile styling tool that was easy to use and did not cost a fortune, I found the titanium hair straightener and curling iron by TYME Hair through a friend’s recommendation while surfing Facebook. This got me thinking. I wanted to find out if the TYME iron could be suitable to achieve do-it-yourself bridal hair, one of the moments in a girl’s life when she spends the most time and money on her hair.

In my haste, the first time I used the TYME iron I did not achieve a curl and I was sure it would not do what it claimed. I was using it wrong. I went back to the online tutorials before trying again. It worked and very well, I might add.

TYME_KDuring my 30-minute FaceTime session with TYME stylist Genevieve Koch, I learned even more about the iron and how to fix spots that did not curl initially, how to achieve a tighter or looser curl and how to avoid the techniques that were causing small pieces of hair to frizz.

Starting with clean, dry hair, keeping the iron moving and perfecting the angle and pressure techniques are the things that I think are the most important tips for using the iron properly.

Three points that might make someone hesitant about this iron are that it does not automatically shut off, it has one unchangeable temperature (400 degrees) and the cost is $190. About the temperature: a heat sleeve is included with the purchase, for use after you unplug the unit. The unit does have an on-off switch and the single temperature does kind of take the guesswork out of figuring out how hot the unit should be to achieve results. I highly suggest a heat-shield product, like TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray ($7, Target), to protect your hair from high-heat styling. During my virtual tutorial with Koch, she did also highly recommend using a heat-shield product.

View More: cost…it’s expensive, said the girl who hasn’t purchased a curling iron since the 1990s and never spent more than $30 on styling gadgets. But a top-rated titanium curling iron will cost between $49 and $100. And a quality flat iron can run up to $200. The TYME iron is a two-in-one styling tool. There are also opportunities to purchase a reconditioned or a demo TYME iron at a lower cost. The TYME purchase also comes with a 30-day return policy, a one-year warranty and free tutorial videos.

I cannot say enough about watching the online tutorials and taking advantage of the personal, virtual styling assistance. The poor reviews that I have read all seem to point toward misuse and lack of patience. It does take time to learn how to use this styling tool so to you, the bridal consumer: I would say yes in general to the bride who wants a down-style with loose, beachy curls.

View More:“We have actually received a handful of women letting us know they used the iron or were going to use it for their weddings,” said Kendrick Reeg, president of sales for TYME Hair. “We know a few stylists around the country who do a ton of weddings and they love this iron because its super fast (usually 15-20 minutes each person if they have a lot of hair) and the curls last through the entire night because the iron actually cools the hair in place.”

If hair perfection or a bridal up-do is what you are going for, then you should see your professional stylist and stick to your plan. Having said that, bring your TYME iron and give your stylist a go at your hair in the trial runs. You might find that you like what your stylist can do with the TYME iron.

Visit to learn more about this unique styling tool.

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Christy Hinko
Christy Hinko is the editor of Glen Cove Record Pilot.

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