Improving Mental Health Using Technology


Life can certainly overwhelm us at times, and its important that we take the necessary time to clear our mind. If Sudoku or a coloring book doesn’t cut it, there is always something to download. Technology can be a source of some of the stress at times, but it could also play a huge part in relaxing you as well.

Below are five gadgets that you should consider using to help with that.

Leaf Urban

Available on Bellabeat and Amazon

If you are looking for a device that keeps track of your active lifestyle while also helping with your mental health, Leaf Urban is the perfect device. Leaf Urban is also paired with an app on the phone that will track your steps, how often you sleep, and other patterns. Using this information, Leaf Urban will determine when you will be stressed and gives advice as to how to avoid it.

iHome Zenergy Sleep Therapy Machine

Available on iHome’s website and Amazon

Sometimes, we can be extremely stressed before we go to bed, and this may cause us to lose sleep. This Sleep Therapy Machine is not only an alarm clock, but it can produce comfortable lightning and calming noises as well for the best night sleep. The machine is completely controlled in the iHome Zenergy app.

Calm App

Available on iTunes and Google Play

There’s an app for everything nowadays, and one of the most popular apps right now is called “Calm.” Voted Apple’s App of the Year in 2017, Calm provides programs to teach you techniques to breath, relax, meditate, and sleep to improve your mental health. These techniques are built to reduce stress and help improve your mood. Sessions on the Calm App range from three to 25 minutes.


Available on Amazon

While you are meditating, you could study your brain’s activity using MUSE, a headband device that pumps peaceful noises into your ears during meditation. What makes it special is that it uses EEG sensors in it to examine whether your brain is in a relaxed state during meditation or if your brain is still working hard. If you begin to think too much, noises will become intense before reverting back to a peaceful state in order to get your mind focused on being calm.

Dream EZ

Available on iTunes and Google Play

For those that deal with post-traumatic stress disorder and/or frequent nightmares, Dream EZ may be a necessity. It’s a free app that uses imagery rehearsal therapy in order to make sleeping easier for those who may wake up in the middle of the night from a bad dream.

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