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The pressed brisket sandwich is a new addition to the menu. Left: Press 195’s asparagus appetizer is a great way to get one’s greens.
The pressed brisket sandwich is a new addition to the menu.

In this three-part food series, Steve Mosco takes a trip through one of Long Island’s emerging eatery hot spots: Rockville Centre.

With rows of storefront-lined streets clustered together with hundreds of metered parking spots, Rockville Centre was destined to be a walkable haven for bar crawlers. But beyond beers and late-night snacks, the village has grown into an urbanized source of top-shelf eateries run by inspired gourmet minds.

The sheer creativity behind Rockville Centre’s Press 195 makes it the perfect place to start an eating tour. Located at 22 North Park Ave., it serves lunch, dinner and bar food in a comfortable and friendly environment—an atmosphere as painstakingly constructed as one of the restaurant’s signature sandwiches.

The restaurant offers hot and cold pressed sandwiches featuring savory meats, fresh vegetables and the finest cheeses. There are many standouts, but on this particular night, the brisket-loaded No. 46 and the veggie-infused No. 15 were the clear favorites.

You’ll fall in love with the no. 15, a vegetarian option.
You’ll fall in love with the no. 15, a vegetarian option.

The No. 46 features shredded, slow-braised sweet brisket and caramelized onion sauce topped with crunchy, purple jalapeño coleslaw. The first bite reveals the time the chef puts into the brisket, as the sandwich’s depth of flavor is immediately apparent with smokiness giving way to sweetness then to the bright spiciness of jalapeño coleslaw.

The vegetarian No. 15 is no less impressive, with grilled portabella, fresh baby arugula and goat cheese with roasted garlic and black olive spread. The intense creaminess of the goat cheese is countered with the peppery bite of the arugula, with the garlicky olive spread providing plenty of aroma and the portabella bringing flavorful heft to the sandwich.

Both sandwiches are elevated to unmatched, crisp heights with pressed, handcrafted Ciabatta bread. Press 195 also offers a sandwich creation eaters would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else; a knish sandwich. This gift to enterprising eaters has a crunchy outer shell that yields to a molten potato filling and inner contents including meatloaf, pastrami, veggies and more.

Press 195’s asparagus appetizer is a great way to get one’s greens.
Press 195’s asparagus appetizer is a great way to get one’s greens.

Beyond sandwiches, Press 195 boasts salads, burgers and great appetizers including grilled asparagus with tomato and fresh mozzarella in the eatery’s proprietary pure maple syrup basil pesto.

Rounding out the meal at Press 195 is the Belgium-style fries with an array of available dipping sauces. Press 195 also has one of the finest craft beer selections in the village. It features seasonal brews and some usual favorites, as well as incredibly tasty choices that are hard to find anywhere else during a typical lunch hour, happy hour or supper time.

Perfect at the beginning of a night out or as the centerpiece to the evening, Press 195’s mastery of the sandwich is undeniable.

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