Idina Menzel: From Syosset To Broadway And Beyond


Star of stage and screen is back on tour with her first studio effort in nearly a decade

Idina Menzel (Photo by Warner Bros.)

If luck is the crossroads where opportunity meets preparation, then it’s clear that Idina Menzel has been going through life with the spiritual equivalent of a four-leaf clover hanging over her head. Menzel went from a 1996 professional musical Tony-nominated debut as an original cast member of the Off-Broadway and Broadway versions of Rent to later playing Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, alongside Kristin Chenoweth in Wicked. Having won a 2004 Tony Award for that role, the Queens native received her third Tony nod for starring as Elizabeth in the 2013 musical If/Then. All this before landing on the radar of little girls everywhere as the voice of Queen Elsa in the 2013 film Frozen, where she sang the immortal Oscar- and Grammy-winning song “Let It Go.” The groundswell of popularity and success that came with being part of this particular project even has the singer shaking her head.

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From Syosset To Broadway And Beyond

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