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The farmhouse look has been popularized over the last few years

Comfy, cozy and classic. These three Cs are the hallmark of farmhouse style, the interior design trend that has been sweeping homes across the nation. Warm, relaxing and full of charm and character, those who prefer this design favor practicality from room to room.

Enter into a home designed with farmhouse and you will find reclaimed wood, wide plank floors, neutral colors (think cream, beige, gray, brown and green—no bright colors for as far as the eye can see), barnboard details, wrought iron accents, vintage accessories and welcoming furniture.

Decorative items should be worn, rugged and weathered, so no glass, crystal or fragile figurines here. And anything matchy-matchy is a no-no. Mix patterns, materials and fabrics in blankets, throws and pillows and set the stage on your walls by hanging some phrases, monogrammed pieces and peaceful landscapes.

This not only goes for décor, but furniture as well. Different chairs around an old hunk of wood that serves as a dining room table adds a level of character and storytelling. In the kitchen, apron sinks are a highlight of the room, especially if placed under exposed wood beams.

While these are more inherent to homes when built, homeowners can set beams in the ceiling for a rustic country look that works well in any room. If it doesn’t look like it’s direct from the store, chances are you’re doing it right.

So many craft and home goods stores these days carry everything you need to achieve this style. If you don’t want to buy straight from the store, get creative and craft your own looks. It’s all about collecting items and knick knacks here and there and finding a place for them to live in your home.

Open window panes perched on wall shelves, wrought iron lanterns, and galvanized metal tins to hold blankets, books and potted flora and fauna (real or artificial) all add to that level of simple sophistication with this style.

If your personality is bright, bold and bubbly and you want your home to reflect that, chances are you won’t find a kinship with farmhouse design. However, if you are looking for a fresh take on your humble abode, consider the popular, but by no means overstated style that replicates a quiet, country life that is relaxing, laid back and charming.

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