Holiday Wreath-Making

A step-by-step guide for homemade holiday decor

Nothing says home for the holidays like a welcoming wreath on the front door. This year, put a homemade touch on this classic holiday decor. Mary Schlotter and Krishtia McCord, the creative mother-daughter team behind floral design company Harbor Homestead & Co., specialize in making stunning wreaths that incorporate fresh, fragrant greens such as cedar, pine and juniper with a selection of berries, pine cones and other natural materials.

“Pine cones, berries and other natural elements [can be added] to embellish,” McCord said. “We like to accent with dried orange slices or small lady apples this year.”

The result is simple yet sophisticated natural look that can be customized based on personal taste. Schlotter and McCord, whose floral designs have appear at the White House and the Vanderbilt Museum, shared their step-by-step guide to crafting holiday wreaths.

For a wreath appropriately sized to fit your front door, you will need:

• Wire wreath frame, 16 to 18 inches in size

• Floral wire ribbon of your choice. McCord recommends trying a color or pattern that speaks to your aesthetic. Aqua, moss green, plum, orange or black and white patterns offer a unique look and will look just as festive as typical red or green, she added. Above materials can be purchased from a craft store.

• Forage for a variety of fresh greens. A mix of varieties like cedar, pine, fir and juniper are good options, McCord said. You can find many of these in your yard. Supplement with bunches from your local garden center.


1. Begin by securing your wire to your wreath frame. A simple knot followed by wrapping the wire around the frame two to three times is best, McCord said.

2. Create your first bundle of greens. A handful of a few varieties about 6-inches in length. “Imagine you are designing a miniature bouquet when making your bundles,” McCord said.

3. Place berries on top of your bundles if using them. “It is good to use them in every other bundle to create a pattern,” McCord said.

4. Lay your bundle parallel but angled slightly outward on top of your wreath frame and wrap your wire around the base of the bundle and around the wreath frame three times, securing it to the frame. Repeat, moving clockwise around the wreath frame with each bundle overlapping the last slightly so that you cover your mechanics as you go.

5. Accent with your chosen natural elements by wiring them onto your wreath.

6. Secure ribbon either by tying a simple bow or cut a length to hang it with.

Harbor Homestead & Co. hosts a variety of floral design workshops, including wreath-making classes, on Long Island throughout the year. Visit for a full class schedule.

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