Holding On To Summer: Tips for bringing the indoors outside to extend the season

Beautiful backyard deck with built-in lighting and fully decorated with vibrant and colorful furniture and decor

By Tania Kapoor

With the month of August upon us, it seems like fall is just around the corner. We still have salt in our hair and can feel the ocean breeze on our faces, and we are not yet ready to welcome fall into our homes.

So how do we hold on to summer for just a little longer? Yes, there is the display with seashells and the nautical decorative cushions, but another way is to jump on the bandwagon of one of the biggest trends of 2021.

Blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors
This is not reserved only for the summer. We can continue blurring the lines as long as we are comfortable using our outdoor spaces and want to stay connected with nature.

Everything is larger
Large planters and flowerpots are a great addition to any front and backyard. They become part of the furnishings, adding visual interest, color, and fragrance. Place them next to the patio door so you can enjoy them not only when sitting outside but when you are inside and can gaze on the flowers through the glass doors.

Planters and flowerpots are not only meant for summer flowers. Come September, plant Mums, Dusty Millers and Goldenrods and continue enjoying their bright colors for weeks. Use the planters and containers in the winter to plant and decorate a small pine tree, for a festive winter outdoors.

Bare those windows
Bare windows are the best way to allow natural light to enter your home. Reserve the use of your heavy, silk curtains to cozy up a room in the winter and bring in more playful elements when the outside is grey and gloomy. The rest of the year, enjoy the natural light—it elevates the mood, and makes rooms and homes more welcoming and calming. There is something immensely calming in looking through the window when the tree branches are swaying in the wind.

If you need to cover the windows, use sheers, or tension curtain rods which can be easily removed, so you can still see the outside and enjoy the outdoors whenever you want.

Carpets, firepits and blankets
Late summer and early fall are one of the best times to be outside, to open the doors and windows, to entertain or simply enjoy the sunset from your backyard. No heat, no bugs.
Treat the outdoors like it is another room in your home. Use comfortable furniture and define the different areas of the outdoors by placing outdoor runners and area rugs, and using planters and containers to bring in a focal point or direct traffic. Create a gathering space around a table or a firepit. Or just use a blanket and have a backyard picnic.

Tania Kapoor is a Manhasset-based interior designer and owner of Ogan Décor, LLC.

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