Healthy Valentine’s Day Gifts

nochocolatesOn Valentine’s Day, decadent chocolates and sugar-filled candies seem to symbolize love and affection. Most holidays and special occasions generally tend to be very food-focused. When Feb. 14 rolls around, it’s easy to gravitate towards celebrating with an oversized box of chocolates. However, making a small effort to plan a healthy gift or date night ahead of time can make all the difference in your well-being. Aspiring towards better health together can set the stage for a strong relationship.

Here are a few romantic and active ideas to inspire you on this Valentine’s Day:

Nutritious Cooking Class

What’s more romantic than cooking a delicious meal together? Sur La Table offers several cooking classes, often with a healthy twist. If you’re looking for something to do in the city, the Natural Gourmet Institute offers nutritious and exclusive cooking classes; themes include vegan baking, gluten-free dining, and make-your-own sushi night. Make sure that you reserve a spot for the two of you ahead of time, and you can invite other couples too!

The Color Run
The Color Run

Race Together

Have you both made goals to exercise this year? Running is often an efficient segue into the fitness world. Whether you start out with a simple jog or progress to a brisk run, you can go at your own pace and do what works for you. Signing up for a race is sometimes the best motivation to get you going; instead of monotonous exercise, you’ll be training with a purpose. Training together will keep you both accountable and excited throughout the process. Signing up for any 5K or race is a fantastic idea, but The Color Run has been dubbed, “the happiest 5K on the planet.” The race is exhilarating and perfect for all ages; you can even sign up the whole family and spend time preparing together.

Health Box Subscription

The latest in nutrition trends is healthy subscription boxes! This is a unique and practical gift that your loved one will appreciate. Each box is filled with delicious treats that make healthy snacking seem effortless. For men, take a look at Jacked Pack; full of recovery drinks and protein-packed bars, every gym-buff will love this gift. For women, try NatureBox or Graze for nutritious and healthy on-the-go snacks.

Go ice skating at Rockefeller Center for Valentine's Day.
Go ice skating at Rockefeller Center for Valentine’s Day.

Ice Skating At Rockefeller Center

Surprise your loved one with a beautiful day in the city. Head over to The Rink at Rockefeller Center for a romantic skate in the heart of NYC. Skating at The Rink is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. Do you need to brush up on your skating skills? You can schedule a private lesson at The Rink for a reasonable price. Work up an appetite and then finish the evening with a delicious and healthy dinner.

Fruit & Flowers

If you already have plans, you can still surprise your sweetheart with a charming bouquet of flowers at the end of the day. In lieu of chocolates, order a unique fruit arrangement to indulge in a healthy treat together. You can have the arrangement delivered to their office or apartment if you’re unable to see each other during the day.

Which of these ideas is your favorite? A healthy date or gift this Valentine’s Day can help you both stay on track. Take a few moments to plan ahead and put together a romantic date to make this Valentine’s Day a special one.

Stefani Pappas, CPT, CWMS is a nutritionist pursuing a career as a registered dietitian. She is a personal trainer, Equinox fitness instructor and contributing writer for Elite Daily. Visit for more information.

Stefani Pappas Sassos
Long Island Weekly columnist Stefani Pappas, RDN, CPT, is a clinical dietitian at St. Francis Hospital. She also provides private and group nutrition counseling at her office in Great Neck. Visit Stef Health Tips for more information.

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