Healthy Halloween Tips

(Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash)

Halloween is right around the corner and along with ghosts and goblins it brings bags full of candy. It can be tempting to throw your diet out the window and dig in, but remaining health conscious doesn’t have to mean giving up your candy completely. ShopRite’s team of in-store registered dietitians are offering some tips so the whole family can enjoy the spooky holiday without overindulging.

Halloween tips from ShopRite’s dietitians include:

Create a Balanced Candy Bowl

It’s tempting to fill your bowl from a giant mixed bag of candies, but ShopRite’s dietitians recommend also including some healthier options like mini boxes of raisins, single-serve bags of pretzels or popcorn or even squeezable applesauce.

Moderation is the Key

A great lesson to teach children on the sweetest night of the year. Go through their bag of candy with them and set limits on how much they can have and the reasoning behind it.

Fight the Urge to Overindulge

Make a healthy, nutritious dinner before heading out for a night of trick or treating to curb over-snacking on the sweets. Adults can also indulge without feeling too guilty by selecting “healthier” options such as a piece of dark chocolate, which is known for its antioxidant powers, or low-fat candies such as licorice and lollipops.

Get Rid of the Excess

Move any leftover candy into a cabinet or put it in the freezer. You are less likely to sneak a piece if it is out of sight. If there’s candy in the house that no one wants either donate it or throw it away to avoid the temptation of mindless snacking.

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