Hash House Speak

The Landmark Diner in Roslyn has diner slang printed on its placemats.

Diners are more than just a place to grab a quick bite to eat—these establishments
exude Americana, in the food as well as in the slang used inside the bustling kitchen. Here are some colloquialism commonly heard in diners.

Chicks On A Raft

Eggs on toast

Draw One In The Dark

A cup of black coffee

Burn The British

A toasted English muffin

Wreck ‘em

Scrambled eggs

Adam & Eve On A Raft

Two poached eggs on toast

Frog Sticks

French Fries

Whiskey down

Rye toast

Burn One, Take It Through The Garden And Put A Rose On It

A hamburger with lettuce, tomato and onion


Tuna on toast

Put Out The Lights And Cry

Liver and onions

Nervous Pudding

Jelly or jello

Hounds On An Island

Franks and beans



Italian Perfume



A banana split

Hockey Puck

A hamburger, well done

Flop Two

Two fried eggs over easy

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