Handpresso: The Miraculous Portable Espresso Machine


handpresso-autoThe Handpresso portable espresso machine is truly a work of genius. Out of the box, with a quick read of the instructions, it is easy to us. Simply pour water into the device (indicators will helpfully tell you when to stop), plug it into the cigarette lighter to heat and pressurize to 16 bars, pour ground coffee into the receptacle, tamp and screw on the lid. Turn the machine upside down and press the button to dispense steaming hot espresso topped with a bit of crema (foam) into one of two cups included in the auto set.

Near instant gratification. And the process becomes all that much quicker when using E.S.E. pods.

I can vouch for the flavor and quality of the espresso the Handpresso produces. It rivals any caffè in Italy.

Think of all the road trips you can take without having to hunt down a coffee shop that may only serve a mediocre cuppa joe. Think of how pleasant your morning commute would be with nice shot of espresso handy at the end. Think of popping out to your car for nice relaxing midday coffee break. Create your own ritual.

This is the ultimate gift for coffee-lovers and car gadget enthusiasts alike. The wow factor will earn you brownie points all year long.

hanpressoautoThe best part—your car will be filled with the pleasant aroma of freshly brewed coffee every time you make use of the Handpresso.

The Handpresso Auto Travel Set (retail price $269) is available in the United States from www.importika.com. There you will find additional models and accessories, plus top-notch customer service. 

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