A Gritty Fictionalized Portrayal Of Beloved NYC Hot Spot


sylviasJust like a mysterious woman, Sylvia’s is a dark, alluring escape for many New York City local and tourist seeking a quaint and secluded sanctuary in the brightest and busiest city in the world.

Confident, handsome and gifted businessmen and childhood friends, Jack Prince and Thomas Mason, as the owners of Sylvia’s, a popular Upper East Side Manhattan bar named after Mason’s later wife. It is said, if you meet someone at Sylvia’s you may fall in love. The atmosphere is magical. The staff includes a potpourri of NYC personalities. The patrons include gangsters to ex-athletes and first-time dates to long-time romances that were conceived under the amber glow.

“Everyone has or wishes they had a special place where they met their partner or where they will fall in love, forever. Sylvia’s on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in the early 1990s is that place,” said author of Sylvia’s: It Is Said, If You Meet Someone Here…, Don Frankel. “It is also a very realistic rendition of a New York City bar/restaurant. It’s a magical garden with roses and thorns. It is a place where people’s lives and dreams play out.”

In Sylvia’s, Frankel, a native of New York City, offers readers a gritty, voyeuristic look at life, love, passion and reinvention in New York City. A former NYC Housing Agency employee, Frankel has seen every kind of “character” NYC could possibly assemble—from call-girls to corrupt politicians. Frankel delivers a compelling cast from all walks of life that provide even more color to the beautiful Sylvia’s-setting.

A main character in the book, Sylvia’s is loved and lusted after. She is many things to many people. Her owners and patrons are flawed and this landmark is their salvation. The book promised readers will experience intrigue, excitement, happiness, anger, sadness and laughter.

Frankel is a graduate of Queens College. He has worked as a short-order cook, a construction worker and as a mailroom employee as Forbes magazine. He lives in Riverdale.

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