Goodbye Resolutions And Hello Life Solutions

By Rayna Herskowitz

We are now well into the new year and it may be getting harder to keep that resolution. Whether it was centered around getting in shape, eating healthier, flossing more or listening better—don’t let yourself forget the bigger picture. Instead, figure out ways to turn your resolutions into lifelong solutions.

Be Realistic

If sitting down to a bowl of kale isn’t something you enjoy, don’t do it. Think of fun ways to make your resolutions into life solutions. Look for healthy recipes that you know can be incorporated into your life and actually enjoyed. Being healthy doesn’t have to feel like a chore.


Progress is progress is progress. Resolutions shouldn’t be bringing you down. Instead, they should be a reminder of how far you’ve already come. Use empowering visuals to help remind yourself of this. For example, make a check mark on your calendar every day you flossed. Don’t forget to look back at how many checks you’ve obtained.

Make Small Goals

Start with small changes that can lead to a bigger outcome. For example, don’t vow to lose 100 pounds by summer. It’s just not realistic and you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Aim for realistic goals, such as “I will lose five pounds within the next month.” This satisfies the healthy recommendation of 1-2 pounds a week.

Stronger In Numbers

Find someone you can rely on to push you forward and provide positive motivation. You may find that certain days you are stronger than others, so let your designated partner help keep you accountable, but most importantly, optimistic.


Aside from your accountability partner, it’s also wonderful to hold yourself responsible as you are working towards a goal. However, if you fall off the bandwagon every so often, it’s OK. Just start again when you are ready.


The key to starting any change, no matter what month it is, is self-love. Accepting where you are at this very moment can help to propel you further. Plus, when you love yourself, you want to better yourself that much more. Weight loss, joining a new gym or facing any fear can be an intimating time. Be your biggest advocate. There is no such thing as perfection.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were you. Every goal takes time. Every goal takes effort. Start planning life solutions instead of just resolutions. Seek professional help when necessary, such as contacting a registered dietitian. Use your resources and have fun while improving your life.

—Rayna Herskowitz, RD, CDN

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