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Kevin Lang

When you sit down and make a list about your life’s assets, how much of those do you think need insurance? Is it enough to just have your life, home and car insured?

Kevin Lang is the president and owner of Lang Insurance and having been in the business for 37 years, he can tell you that there is a lot more to securing your belongings than dotting an “i” or crossing a “t.”

“We specialize in insuring personal assets of individuals; homes, cars, jewelry, fine art, fur, wine, water crafts, etc.,” said Lang of his company, which is a national agency licensed in every state in the country.

Specializing in affluent areas, Lang Insurance insures the assets of high net worth individuals, safely guarding everything from high value homeowner’s insurance, waterfront homeowner’s insurance and private fleet auto insurance to watercraft and floor insurance as well as long term care and life insurance. Living on the water on Long Island, especially after disasters like Hurricane Sandy, Lang emphasized the importance of flood insurance, with a fine line that not many homeowners know about.

“Flood insurance is very important, but you don’t have to live on the water to need flood insurance,” said Lang, noting that homeowners can have a claim from rain. “You can live nowhere near the water and have a flood claim. It’s a misconception. I had a claim where one of my clients’ homes got flooded. We called the insurance company and said we have a water damage claim because it rained 14 inches in one day and their home got flooded and the insurance company denied the coverage.”

Lang informed that there are certain standards in FEMA’s guidelines that state you can have a flood claim from rain if the loss meets a certain criteria.

As for evaluating a client’s insurance needs and assets, Lang said that the process begins with the home.

“First we go by the square footage of their home. The carriers that we deal with are high net worth insurance companies and they have certain guidelines for what the rebuild cost of a house would be,” he said. “If someone has a 2,500 square foot home and up, once the home qualifies we put together a package that includes auto, fine art, jewelry and whatever valuable items they have. Excess liability options are also available as it is a moving target; clients can add anything on to the list of what is insured.”

Lang Insurance has clients that range from affluent people up to billionaires and the company has access to every high net worth insurance company.

“We take a look at what you have and either leave you with your current insurance company and tell you ways to lower your cost or move you to a better company that’s comparable with a better rate,” said Lang. “I don’t think there’s anyone out there that has a better service than us.”

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