Get Down And Dirty


Tough Mudder comes to Long Island

One of the toughest obstacle courses is set to make its muddy mark on Long Island this weekend. On Saturday, July 22, the Tough Mudder full course will take place at Old Bethpage Restoration Village, followed by the half on Sunday, July 23.

The full, a 10-mile course consisting of 23 obstacles, and the half, a five-mile course with 13 obstacles, tests participants’ strength, agility, endurance and teamwork capabilities, with the added difficulty of performing tasks while trekking through the mud-laden paths.
Despite the course chosen, competitors should keep a few things in mind when preparing themselves, both mentally and physically.

Hit The Gym

While it is possible to go into the Tough Mudder without any prior physical training, it is certainly not recommended. Listed on the website are several workout plans, tailored to each course and the amount of time leading up to the event. It is in an entrant’s best interest to perform all or some of the suggested conditioning to make the most of the race.

Sleep And Eat Well

While running and weightlifting sets a good foundation prior to the event, it is only part of the equation. In the days and weeks leading up, it is advisable that one nourishes their body well and consistently gets enough sleep. A balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates and fats, loaded with fruits, vegetables and lean meats, is encouraged.

Have Proper Gear

Disclaimer: There will be mud…everywhere. Unsurprisingly, any attire worn during the day will likely never be the same again, so when choosing what to wear, make sure it’s something comfortable, but not of value.

Find A Friend

The Tough Mudder is a true team effort, as partners and groups must work together to get each individual over walls, under barbed wire, through freezing water and more. While it is often preferred to work with people you know, don’t sweat it if all your friends offer confused looks upon your invite. Those who have participated in Tough Mudders previously have noted that complete strangers often assist one another, happy to help fellow participants to the finish line.

Registration is still open for both the Tough Mudder full and half courses, with varying prices. To RSVP and for more information, visit

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