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Brian Shedlick, Bob Wissing and Jim Wissing of Plumbwell Services

If you ask any homeowner what they can’t live without in their homes today, many of them will say water and heat. While it’s hard to imagine that not too long ago homes didn’t have either, Plumbwell Services ensures that history won’t be repeating itself.

Brothers Jim and Bob Wissing and Brian Shedlick own Plumbwell Services, a family-owned plumbing and heating service company that specializes in high quality workmanship. With more than 30 years of experience in the plumbing and heating industry, Plumbwell’s passion for the trade ensures that they keep current with the latest trends, allowing them to stay one step ahead of the competition.

According to Jim Wissing, when installing plumbing and heating systems in the home, new homeowners should determine short term and long-term goals when upgrading a house.

“Make a list that prioritizes needs versus wants. Your plumbing and heating system is the heartbeat to a warm and comfortable home,” said Wissing, noting that upgrades to plumbing and heating systems allow homeowners to have peace of mind whether they are home or away. “Maintenance and upgrades must be considered with each project. When your plumbing and heating system is in good working order you rarely think about it, you simply use your systems and enjoy your life.”

When it comes to maintaining an older home, Wissing said there are many factors to consider before homeowners decide to update or replace a plumbing or heating system.

“For starters, there is the budget, the age of a system and the complexity of replacing pipes including a plan that will minimizing damage to walls, floors, and ceilings,” he said. “Resale value and preparing for the inconvenience of temporary shut downs should also be considered before taking on a project. Replacing older heating systems can save money on monthly heating bills the same as replacing older drainage and water piping systems can improve plumbing and avoid costly damage to your home from a leaking pipe.”

As technology continues to improve, more homeowners want their appliances to reflect modern times. Plumbwell’s products are in line with today’s homes that offer customers the ability to communicate with their homes using their smart phones. For temperature control, Wissing noted that Plumbwell’s Wi-Fi thermostats allow the company to monitor and control the temperature in a home whether you are nearby or far away.

As for the water, there is a Wi-Fi water main shut off control valve with water sensors that can monitor and alert the company to water leaks, allowing homeowners to shut off the water supply main to avoid costly repairs.

“The Wi-Fi lawn sprinkler controls systems allow us to monitor and control our lawn watering systems. These controllers analyze current and future weather conditions and will adjust watering needs accordingly,” said Wissing. “Additionally, the user can override the programmed settings and manually set alternating watering schedules.”

Plumbwell’s popular products include high efficiency natural gas wall hung boilers, water heaters and Combi-units, whole house water filtration systems, high efficiency radiant heat systems, oil to gas heat system conversions and driveway and walkway snow melt systems.

While every homeowner should know the basics of system maintenance in their home (plumbing, heating, electric, etc.), Wissing suggested they also become familiar with the emergency water main shut off valve.

“If you attempt to use a drain cleaner, notify your plumber so he can be aware of any chemical dangers in your drainage system,” he said. “If you have an emergency, it is best to shut off the water main and wait for your plumber.”

With more than three decades of experience in the industry, Wissing and his team at Plumbwell have witnessed many changes, going back to the ‘70s and cast iron drain piping.

“The pipe was heavy, and the work was hard,” he said. “Copper pipes with soldered joints were used for most residential water and heat piping. Over time, the industry learned that standing water interacted with the lead solder, which was transferred to our drinking water. Today, we use lead free solder.”

Wissing continued to state that most new homes use a form of plastic drainage and water pipe, which is lighter and easier to install. Plastic pipes have no effect on drinking water and today’s model is less corrosive and “will outlast the metal pipes of yesteryear by 50 to 100 years.”

As for heating and hot water systems, today’s models allow for nothing but comfort and peace of mind with energy efficient, common-sense controls that have the ability to recognize the temperature difference and modulate the boiler accordingly for a comfortable, environmentally friendly, cost efficient heating system.

Whatever you are in the market for, there is nothing more crucial to a home than a safe, well-maintained plumbing and heating system and Wissing and his Plumbwell team are more than happy to help you get started.

Plumbwell Services is located at 54 Roslyn Ave., Sea Cliff, NY. For more information, call 844-758-6293 or visit

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