Freedom Stairlift Puts Senior Mobility Back Within Reach

The straight stair lift Handicare 1000 (Photos courtesy of Freedom Stairlifts)

Loss of mobility caused by aging or disabilities could also mean the loss of freedom for thousands of Americans. At Freedom Stairlifts, owner and certified authorized installer Noel Cano believes your home should never be your biggest obstacle and that negotiating the stairs shouldn’t prevent you from living well.

Since 2012, Freedom Stairlifts been providing seniors, veterans and patients in recovery with options to regain their independence and increase their mobility. Cano works patiently with clients to find the right model to fit their body and their home. The family-owned company’s dozens of models include straight stairlifts, curved stairlifts, outdoor straight stairlifts and outdoor curved stairlifts.

To make it accessible, Freedom Stairlifts works with the most affordable and reliable brands on the market, including Acorn, Handicare and Harmar. The highly adaptable lifts can be installed on multiple flights or a single flight of stairs, and come equipped with top-notch safety features such as remote controls and swivel seats.

“Our mission is to help any client who feels like a prisoner in their own home because they can’t use the stairs,” Cano said. “Our clients are not ready for assisted living, and with a stairlift, they don’t have to leave their home. The consultation is free so we can evaluate the customer’s needs because every case is different. My job is to eliminate their fears.”

Cano knows first-hand the life-changing importance of helping patients in recovery regain their independence through motorized in-home stairlifts. He founded Freedom Stairlifts after his father, now 95, suffered a stroke that cost him his ability to maneuver stairs and left him 80 percent blind.

“He wanted to stay at home but the stairs were dangerous,” Cano said. “We didn’t want to take him out of his environment so my friend recommended a stairlift. I hadn’t considered a stairlift. It is one of those things that you don’t think about it until you really need it.”

Cano, a former professional electrician, installed a stairlift inside his father’s house shortly after the stroke, and it made all the difference in his father’s ability to remain at home.

“We reaped the benefits from having a stairlift for my dad,” he said. “We had the peace of mind that my father could travel up and down the stairs without falling. I learned a lot of people needed these types of stairlifts and I knew I had to make it my business. I have such respect and love for my parents that helping other people’s parents and seniors means so much.”

In eight years, Freedom Stairlifts has grown to include multiple locations on Long Island and in New York City, serving clients as far away as New Jersey and southern Connecticut. A new Westchester location is also opening soon, Cano said. The company prides itself on making the process simple and easy by offering installation on the same or next day.

“I absolutely recommend this company for their sincere concern for our personal situation, their best attempts at prompt emergency scheduling, the quality of the product and their talented and diligent installer,” customer TJ Christie wrote in a testimonial. “We had some issues due to the narrowness of our staircase, but they did their best and the system works perfectly.”

The expertise of the Freedom Stairlifts team also benefited Cano directly when he needed a stairlift installed in his home following a motorcycle accident last May. The accident broke four bones in Cano’s foot and required plates and screws to keep the foot in place in order for it to heal properly.

“This has been quite a rough time for me, but I am extremely grateful and relieved at how well my team has stepped up in my absence,” he said. “There hasn’t been a single complaint. I take great pride in building my company with the premise of being extremely reliable for my customers and was concerned that would possibly drop off with my injury, and it has not, which has me feeling very good.”

The experience allowed Cano to gain personal insight into the customer’s perspective.

“I now have an even better appreciation for what I do for people, it would be impossible for me to get upstairs where I need to work from if I didn’t install a stairlift,” he said. “I now have a whole new perspective and I think that will carry over even more to how I go about helping my customers.”

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