Local Pet Group Remembers Forgotten Friends

Spicey with Beth Marzo, the dog coordinator at Forgotten Friends.
Spicey with Beth Marzo, the dog coordinator at Forgotten Friends.

Holly, the Calico, was a stray brought to Forgotten Friends a few years ago to find a home. Spicey, a five-year old dog, was turned into a kill shelter after his owner died. Luckily, Forgotten Friends also took Spicey and is currently looking for a home for him.

According to Beth Marzo, one of the dog coordinators at Forgotten Friends of Long Island, a pet adoption center located at the Village Green in Levittown, there are three dogs up for adoption at the center and, as soon as one is adopted, another is taken from a crowded or kill shelter. “When people adopt from us, they are saving two lives,” she said. “The dog they adopt and the one we take from an overcrowded shelter.”

Although the dogs are kept in cages at the center, they have a long room that is used as a play and training room, as well as a place to meet a potential adopter. There are also cats at the center in a separate kitten room and a cat room for adult cats that are over a year old.

Forgotten Friends was established seven years ago by cofounders Loretta Rinaldo, the current president, and Carol Friedenberg, the director of fundraising, to rescue companion animals, which have been in municipal shelters for an extended period of time.

“We take dogs and cats that are overlooked by other rescue groups and the general public,” Friedenberg said. “Also, no one receives a salary. Every penny goes to help the dogs and cats.”

Forgotten Friends has a wide variety of fundraisers during the year. Many of them take place at Levittown Hall. Tickets are sold online and also at the door, but they are often sold out due to popularity. Upcoming events include Supermarket Bingo with Chinese auctions and raffles at Levittown Hall on Saturday, Sept. 19, and the 8th Annual Holiday Party at Levittown Hall on Saturday, Nov. 21. Also, raffle books are available for groups and individuals who want to help sell them. An online auction and dog walk will also take place during the year. See www.forgottenfriendsoflongisland.org for information about upcoming events.

There are also many volunteer opportunities. Those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. To apply for a volunteer position or to inquire about volunteer opportunities, contact Carol at carolf42@yahoo.com.

Written by Debbie Delouise.


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