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A recent Facebook request for memories of having attended shows at Forest Hills Stadium resulted in quite an outpouring ranging from people lucky enough to see The Beatles to fans waxing rhapsodic about The Replacements making quite the comeback there in 2014. Here are a few of them.

And if you’d like, please feel free to add to the list at the comments section at the bottom of this post:

The Bee Gees circa 1967
The Bee Gees circa 1967

Karen D’Ambrosio

Saw my first concert there in ’67 – the Bee Gees. Also saw The Monkees in ’68. Yes, that was the show where Jimi Hendrix was one of the opening acts. Went to see The Who in the pouring rain accompanied by lots of thunder and lightning. No stopping for storms in those days. Chicago was a concert I listened to from the outside gates. Couldn’t talk our way into that one. Have the best memories of waiting in line for the ticket office to open. Can’t believe we convinced my friend’s mom to drop us off in the wee hours of the morning to wait for the box office to open – pre TicketMaster days. I was a mere 13-years-old at the time.

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Jeff Douglas

I saw Talking Heads/Burning Spear play there in the summer of ’82 (I believe). It was the expanded version of TH with Bernie Worrell, Adrien Belew, Nona Hendryx, etc. I was aggravated because I got there during Burning Spear’s set. I took the subway from southern Brooklyn. It took forever! I hate being late to a show!

Theresa Stahlman-West

I saw my (probably) first concert there also – around 1970 I think. Simon and Garfunkel. We drove in to Queens from Long Island (or should I say we were driven in, we were not driving yet). About 4 of us high school girls, excited to be seeing 2 of our musical heroes. It was amazing and of course they were on their home turf as well. Great memory for me.

Talking Heads during the Stop Making Sense Tour
Talking Heads during the Stop Making Sense Tour

David Marin 

My future wife and I had our first real date there 8-19-83. Talking Heads on their Stop Making Sense stage show tour. Both lived nearby so there was something to be said for the convenience!

Flo Chien

There was a big hole in the chain link fence that all the neighborhood kids knew about. We would ride our bikes down and sneak in. The Who were so loud, we all went home. And one day when I was in junior high, we were riding around on Ascan Avenue, and a limousine stopped and asked us directions. A couple of the passengers got out, seemingly to stretch their legs. I remember Jim Morrison in his leather suit and a white ruffled shirt. We didn’t know who the Doors were. We gave them directions and then followed the limo on our bikes to the tennis stadium. “Light My Fire” came onto the radio within a couple of weeks, and my friends and I realized who we had seen.

Bill Stasinopoulos

This was a great venue, except for the bench seats with no backs. I saw The Who’s Who’s Next tour, Simon and Garfunkel and, believe it or not, Janis Joplin for the Pearl tour. She was swiggin’ from a bottle of Southern Comfort right on stage and did not miss a beat. The opening act was the Paul Butterfield Blues Band.

Simon & Garfunkel circa 1967
Simon & Garfunkel circa 1967

Judith Mermelstein

The three shows that stand out for me are the Beatles in ’64 (my dad gave an usher $5 to sneak us in, then hunkered down with his fingers in his ears for the duration); Simon & Garfunkel with the Doors opening for them (Paul broke a string & quieted down the restless crowd as he replaced it with “We tune because we care!”), & Sinatra. The Nelson Riddle Orchestra was late from the airport so Milton Berle showed up (I don’t believe he was scheduled to open) and did an hour off the top of his head.

Alan B. Cohen

Loved the venue. Saw many shows there Simon and Garfunkel, Peter Paul.and Mary, Ike and Tina Turner among others. Liked the fact that it wasn’t a giant size outdoor venue like Shea stadium. Much more intimate.

Aileen Gould

I saw The Beatles there the very first tour they did in the US in the early sixties. Could not hear them at all because of all the girls screaming!

Eric Jensen

I was at The Monkees concert, when Jimi Hendrix was the opening act, back in July 1967; he was upset about the crowd’s less than enthusiastic response to him (I thought he was great), and he flipped them off, and walked off stage. Most of the crowd was there for The Monkees, and had no appreciation for Jimi…

Scott Elliott

I went to see ELP in the ’70s, with no ticket. Stood outside and listened, but could never get a ticket. Loved it.


Drew Martin

One of the greatest moments I ever witnessed in Rock n Roll was when the Bastard Sons of Minneapolis came through town last year to remind us of just how far we’ve ventured from actual Rock n Roll. Antiheroics abound. The legend of The Mats endures.

Joanne Bradford Farrell

I saw Genesis there. The show was great but the best memory from that night was that my friends and I didn’t know how to get there so we drove to the Arther Ashe Stadium first. When we pulled up there was a bunch of dopes like us lost. There was a police officer who made us gather round and he was like ok, everyone ready because I’m only going to explain one time how to get to Forest Hills. He was so nice giving us all directions. There had to be 20 cars. This of course was way before GPS. I also saw Bette Midler there as well, who was surprisingly good.

Scott Gerschwer

Great place to see bands. Saw Elvis Costello and Attractions there and Talking Heads.

Evin Rosenbaum Willman

I saw the same Mamas & Pappas show with Simon & Garfunkel opening up for them. The headliners were pretty messed up, if I recall correctly and left the stage early. S&G were awesome.

Genesis circa the 1981 Abacab Tour
Genesis circa the 1981 Abacab Tour

Tim Schurman

I saw Genesis there on the Abacab tour. They were amazing. It was my first outdoor concert. I loved the venue.

Robin Schneider Weissbratten

I saw Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell in ’67 and Peter Paul and Mary there. What a great venue.

Don Sheridan

Frank Sinatra with Milton Berle and Donna Summer with Brooklyn Dreams.

Ken Shankman

Eighties Eurythmics and the B-52s.

Bobby Niebling

Saw CCR & The Who there.

Barry Ward

The Who (Pete/Roger/John/and the amazing Keith Moon) with Labelle as the opening act.


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