Fluffy & Fabulous Home Accessories

Grenn Pilot pillows will add a touch of glam to any couch.

Dress up a couch or a bed with the latest items from Grenn Pilot. The luxury brand just
added home accessories with pillows, poufs, ottomans, throws, seat cushions, door stoppers and even hot water–bottle covers.

Owner and CEO Karen Levitt launched Grenn Pilot in 2016 with a line of outerwear designed in her own style, keeping the quality-seeking, trendsetting woman in mind while incorporating unexpected pairings.

“The line features dramatic statement outerwear that can be worn casually or dressed up for evenings,” said Levitt, who decided to branch out last season, introducing handbags and home accessories.

Add a soft pillow and throw to make your favorite chair extra warm and toasty.

“If someone only wants a touch of glam, the accessories are a natural fit,” noted Levitt. “My best friend is an interior designer and said that the materials I use would be wonderful for home accessories—so, she gets the credit for the idea.”

As the cold weather approaches, Grenn Pilot’s soft and snuggly home decor will heat up any room.

“The pillows are luxurious and the throws are incredibly warm,” noted Levitt, who said the pillows are the top-selling item in the home line.

“They come in square and lumbar shapes,” she explained. “They can dress up a bed or couch in an instant.”

Snuggle in front of a fire with a cuddly throw and pillows.

The Grenn Pilot founder incorporates these pieces into her own home.

“My home is like the line,” said Levitt. “Comfortable, classic, with the luxury of the pillows. I like the different textures that Grenn Pilot brings to a room.”

The firm’s tagline is “Where luxury meets style,” and Levitt said her new category “has been expanding to some of the best home stores” and she is “working with great interior designers.”

The brand is “true luxury with a sporty/vintage twist,” she said. “There is nothing fussy about this line. It is extremely versatile.”

While focusing on quality and style, Levitt is conscious about the materials.

These plush pillows are Grenn Pilot’s top-selling home accessory.

“All of our skins come from sustainable sources and are a byproduct of the food industry,” she said. “We pride ourselves on using tanneries that are accountable and environmentally responsible.”

Launching Grenn Pilot after spending 35 years as a buyer has proven to be an asset for Levitt, who was able to bring insight from the other side of the business to run the company locally.

“I love living on Long Island and having a business based here,” Levitt said. “The retail culture has changed everywhere with online shopping, department stores, coupons, etc. My strategy is to align Grenn Pilot with specialty stores. I have great relationships with my stores. It feels more personal to me. I try to do trunk shows with these stores and get on the floor to meet and chat with their customers. By doing this, I can figure out what they are looking for.”

Grenn Pilot’s new home accessories have been warmly welcomed in several area shops.

“The response has been amazing,” said Levitt. “Because of the options for customization in terms of the numerous colors as well as the reversible aspects of many of the pieces, people feel a true sense of freedom when choosing an item that suits them best. They are their own ‘pilots,’ in a sense.”

Visit www.grennpilot.com to browse the line or view a list of retailers, who can custom order home goods for their clients.

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