Festive Plants Perfect For During And After The Holiday Season

Poinsettias are the quintessential holiday plant and with the right care can thrive well beyond the holiday season.

By Lucy Crawford

Plants can be a beautiful addition to all of the festivities taking place during and even after the holiday season. Not only will they add a touch of natural color to your home or office but they’ll also color coordinate well with other decorations—and there’s no shortage of holiday plants.


This is perhaps the most popular holiday plant. There are many poinsettia options to choose from including the traditional red blooms as well as the white ones. Despite a lack in poinsettia production across the nation, they are fairly easy to grow and can be easily transplanted to the indoors during cooler weather. Poinsettias do well indoors may need to be covered and protected from the cold when transporting them. Choose a large spot for a poinsettia as they like to fill out and take up a sizeable amount of space. Be careful not to place them in a spot where pets can eat them since they are toxic.


For the perfect holiday plant that exudes festive color and shape, look no further than holly. These beautiful plants feature serrated edged leaves that offer a dark emerald green color on top with a muted green shade on the bottom. Female plants will feature dark red holly berries making this plant a festive centerpiece. Use holly in wreaths or as small shrubs indoors to create a gloriously festive look.


While evergreen trees are popular during the holiday season, not everyone has space in their office or home for a large tree. Consider using rosemary as a way to elude to the Christmas tree without needing much space. Rosemary is an herb that can be clipped into the shape of a tree and look lovely on top of a desk or side table. Its fresh scent will remind you of a larger tree but unlike trees, rosemary will actually deter pests. Clip off sprigs of rosemary to use in holiday dishes for a sweet herbal taste. You can even decorate the tree with mini ornaments or drape ribbon over it to create a mini Christmas tree look.

Holiday Cactus

For a beautiful but different kind of festive plant, consider choosing the holiday cactus, also known as Christmas cactus. This hardy plant looks like a regular cactus during the year but offers gorgeous light red blooms in November and late spring. Place it in a bright spot near a window and keep an eye on the blossoms to tell you when the soil has become too dry. Water lightly every week but don’t let it sit in wet soil. Keep this cactus variety around for next year by placing it outdoors in the summer and then bringing it back indoors to restart its growing season.


These gorgeous white flowers add a touch of glam to any holiday celebration. The Amaryllis is grown from a bulb and is a big seller in flower shops this time of year. You’ll note their tropical looking large blooms that contrast well with their dark green foliage. Place an Amaryllis in a spot where it will receive plenty of light and water to keep the soil moist. You can save the plant for next year by placing it in the shade outdoors and allowing it to go dormant again. The bulbs should shoot up new growth around November.

There are plenty of festive plants that will help create a beautiful holiday season within the home. Choose from small tabletop options to large plants that can become a natural focal point in the room. Use cuttings to create decorative wreaths to showcase the beauty of the season.

Lucy Crawford is a home design and DIY writer, and lover of herbal tea. With her busy hands she is always challenging herself with a new DIY project. She enjoys designing spaces where she can relax and enjoy a good book.

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