Feline Donald Up For Adoption At Little Shelter


Meet two special animals who needed help and got it from Little Shelter Animal Rescue and Adoption Center. Both Juicy and Donald suffered terrible infections in their mouth, but now they are doing better than ever.


Donald is a handsome orange and white cat who came to Little Shelter as a kitten and is still waiting for his furever family to come adopt him. Now at 4 years old, Donald recently suffered a severe mouth infection that required immediate attention. He is currently recuperating and is being kept on a soft food diet for the next couple of weeks. We expect him to make a full recovery and hope that once feeling a bit better he may finally find his furever home.

He now might be missing a few teeth, but we think Donald’s smile is better than ever! Thanks to your donations he’ll be feeling like a brand new kitty soon and that’s sure to help him find a forever home.


Juicy is a sweet 10-year-old Yorkie mix who arrived to Little Shelter in desperate need of medical attention. Her mouth had a serious infection and required a lot of work to heal, including having to wire her jaw shut temporarily. Thanks to donations, Little Shelter was able to give her the care she needed and Juicy very quickly began to feel better. It wasn’t long before this girl was back up to full strength and showed her thanks to everyone with tons of kisses.

She now has a cute doggie smile with her tongue always ready to give a kiss. A few days after her wires were removed, Juicy was adopted into a loving home.

Juicy and Donald are just two examples of the animals at Little Shelter that donations helped change their lives for the better.

Both Juicy and Donald received life-saving surgeries that have made them not only healthier, but happier. Juicy will be enjoying a new life feeling like a new dog in her furever home and Donald will hopefully soon follow suit.

From dramatic rescue to life-saving medical treatment, Little Shelter is committed to the lives and well-being of the animals.

For more information, visit littleshelter.com.

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