Feelin’ S’well

Offshore S’well, S’ip Pineapple Bliss and Abalone Shell S’well

It’s summertime and the living is easy. What’s surprisingly not so easy is drinking enough water. In an age where people are all about helping the environment, how does one hydrate enough, while avoiding plastic bottles, if they cannot find a sustainable reusable water bottle to carry?

In 2010, Sarah Kauss addressed this conundrum when she launched S’well, a reusable water bottle company headquartered in Manhattan. It was her sole desire to rid the world of plastic bottles and overall plastic consumption. The founder and CEO wanted a water bottle that “combined fashion with function,” eliminating the purchase of disposable bottles, and reducing single-use plastic consumption worldwide.

Fast forward eight years and S’well boasts the title of being the fastest growing woman-owned company in the country. With a business built by word of mouth advertising, once you learn about S’well, you will be hard pressed to discover any other water bottle peeking out of a gym bag, backpack or pocketbook.

It’s S’well’s ongoing mission to create products that are both stylish and eco-friendly, blending inspiration with innovation with the end goal of always giving back to those in need. The brand is a proud partner of UNICEF USA, BCRF and (RED).

“S’well was founded on the notion that creating a more beautiful, harder working reusable bottle would increase desire and help do more good for the environment. Our customers have responded emphatically to our products, gravitating toward the on-trend look and smart design,” said a representative from the brand. “Today, we have over 200 designs and collaborate with an array of established designers, up-and-coming artists and well-known brands like Lilly Pulitzer and Liberty London Fabrics.”

If you’re like me and need to drink more water throughout the day, S’well is the perfect water bottle for you. Made of vacuum insulated high-grade stainless steel, the bottle ensures that drinks stay cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12. The company sells different vessels for holding your beverage including bottles, travelers, tumblers and roamers. The popular size 25 oz. is great for staying hydrated but also the perfect size to hold an entire bottle of wine.

With dozens of colors, designs and styles to choose from (S’well can also personalize items), chic summer patterns include pineapples, crabs, anchors, cherries and breezy ocean blue and green marbleized patterns.

S’well also introduced a smaller line called S’ip by S’well, which has the same functionality as the traditional bottle but comes in a 15 oz. bottle adorned in a variety of playful prints perfect for the beach or pool.

To learn more about the brand and order your own S’well bottle, visit www.swellbottle.com.

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