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Not only is watching birds a fun activity to do during the springtime, but feeding birds can also be a fun downtime activity.

Wild Birds Unlimited of Syosset is one place where you can find a wide variety of different bird food and other bird-related items. Stella Miller who is the Conservation, Education and Outreach manager at Wild Birds Unlimited recently answered some questions about the bird food related products. Located at 625 Jericho Tpke., Wild Birds Unlimited offers expert advice and solutions to its customers and hosts monthly programs, events and workshops while providing information and guidance on how to create backyard habitats for birds and other wildlife with native plants, and important information about issues that birds face.

: Is there a certain type of bird food that is favored/best?

: You just cannot go wrong with black oil sunflower, either in the shell or shelled. The seeds are meatier with a higher oil content, providing birds with more nutrition and energy than other seed. Black oil is easier for small birds to crack due to a thinner shell. Peanuts are another highly desirable food if you want to attract woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches and titmice.

: Why are bird feeders so important and what should consumers know if new to this?

: Feeding birds a high quality diet is important because it helps give them a leg up when times are rough. During the winter that extra energy is sometimes the difference between life and death during a frigid night; and during spring when food is scarce because winter seeds have been depleted and insects have yet to hatch out. Come fall, birds need to fatten up for migration as well as the colder weather. Offering your backyard birds a high quality food as well as a water source is not just good for them-it brings joy to us and helps foster an awareness of our natural world and the wildlife that we share that world with.

: What are the expenses/investment like to maintain a bird feeder?

: Feeding birds doesn’t have to be expensive nor time consuming. We can assist customers with a wide range of feeders to suit every budget and lifestyle. But, fair warning it can become addicting.

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