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How to decorate for the holiday season

decorate for the holiday season
Silver Glitter Berry Wreath from Pier 1 Imports

The seasons may come and go, but a fireplace is forever. With the holidays approaching, it’s the perfect time to jazz up the living room focal point with wintertime decor. Any home, whether modern, rustic or beachy, could use a fashion-forward fireplace that is sure to impress guests.

Modern Home

For owners of a modern-style home, sleek sophistication is the name of the game, and the fireplace is no exception. Aim to decorate the space with simple pieces that don’t overwhelm the eye, but draw attention by sticking to black and white with pops of silver.

Silver Glitter Berry Wreath

Pier 1 Imports, $31.96

This wreath is a perfect match to the draped garland mentioned below. The added metallic accent aligns with the sophistication of the rest of the home, while still reminding guests that the holidays are right around the corner.

fireplacebWhite Faux Berry and Pine Garland

Pier 1 Imports, $23.96-39.96

The simplicity of this garland is just enough to add some holiday spirit to the modern fireplace. Naturally drape the handcrafted garland, comprised of fake glittered berries and long white pine needles, over the mantle.

fireplaceaFaceted Solid Brass Vessel

Restoration Hardware, $55-135

These multipurpose bowls are both practical and beautiful. Use them to hold candles or your favorite holiday treats.

fireplacedSilver LED String Lights

Pottery Barn, $24.50

The fireplace is already the main attraction of the room, but illuminate it even more with simple string lights. The small bulbs and thin wires will blend seamlessly with existing mantle decorations and brighten the room.

Beachy Home

fireplacejWhether living near the beach is a year-round luxury or a seasonal escape, decorating a wintertime coastal-themed fireplace is simple. Aim to blend ocean-inspired statement pieces with classic white accents for the desired nautical, yet holiday-like look.

Coastal Shells Wreath

Pier 1 Imports, $47.97

Dried grasses and seashells painted in white and shades of soft blue make up this coastal looking wreath. Above a mantle, it will remind guests of the upcoming holidays while paying homage to the nearby beach.

fireplacekStarfish Garland

Pier 1 Imports, $23.96

What’s a beach home without a starfish here and there? This string of starfish and seashells can be draped across the front of a fireplace, or mounted on the above wall.

fireplacelBeaded Ball String Lights

Pottery Barn, $59

The fine off-white beads covering the lights resemble either freshly fallen snow or a patch of sand, a fitting combination for the beachy home during the holidays.

fireplaceiEnameled Brass Bowl

Restoration Hardware, $65-165

The combination of the matte brass interior and painted chalky-white exterior of these bowls should be a staple of any beachy home. Place one or more in varying sizes on top of the fireplace to draw focus to that part of the room, and use them any way seen fit.

Rustic Home

fireplacefIn a rustic-style home, you can expect to see outdoorsy elements that create a homey and hospitable environment. When it comes to the fireplace, choose pieces that reflect the vibe of the rest of the house by making use of raw textures and neutral colors.

Pre-Lit Snowy Pine Wreath

Pier 1 Imports, $63.96

Place this glittering wreath above the fireplace to accentuate the rustic feel of the home. Though it is made of faux pine branches, it has a natural look that will match the rest of the decor.

fireplacegRed Glitter Berry Garland

Pier 1 Imports, $23.96

Continuing with the outdoor theme, these faux berries appear authentic while also providing that holiday glisten.

fireplacehGlobe String Lights

Pottery Barn, $39.50-79

The round bulbs on this string of lights is reminiscent of what one might find on outdoor patios or porches, the ideal addition to a fireplace within a rustic-style home.

fireplaceeOblong Bowl

Restoration Hardware, $695

This oblong brass-clad bowl blends raw textures and organic shapes to create a fireplace centerpiece that is sure to draw attention. Let it stand alone, or place holiday-scented candles for the optimal wintry atmosphere.


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